Shopping in Carla Bruni

Now it seems quite certain: Carla Bruni, the First Lady French is pregnant and has recently paparazzi shopping for her baby by H & M. Even celebrities moms appreciate the low cost clothing chain, beloved by mothers around the world.Perhaps Carlà decided to show up in a place so “politically correct” even to raise the popularity rating of the presidential couple, in recent times in France, has fallen to levels never seen before. Maybe a new heir will make this pair a bit ‘more sympathetic in the eyes of voters.

But the Élysée nobody speaks of this pregnancy: the president, the husband of Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy said he did not want to speak or comment on rumors about his private life. He also already has daughter had from the previous wife, left when he met Carlà. The French magazine Voici, however, has no doubts about the pregnancy of Bruni and title of the article on its front page: “Her first shopping from future mother.”Carla in fact, H & M, in the body of the guard company, bought 300 euro for maternity wear.

Carla and the president have always been very secretive about their private life even though now the time would be ripe for the arrival of a baby. With the consensus in downhill then, in the near future Sarkozy would have much more free time to devote to the family! We just have to wait for official confirmation!