Short Evening Dresses

Short dresses they will never be fashionable but it must know how to take them to avoid uncomfortable moments. Therefore, we give some tips so that these dresses are fit to your personality. Also known designs for all tastes.

Dress without sleeves and transparencies

This design is very beautiful, and best of all is that it is for all skin tones. Dress without sleeves and transperencias It can be combined with accessories in Golden tones and preferably with an up-do hairstyle for the neckline look best.

Tip: make sure that the length of your dress is appropriate. Remember that you are a lady and a too short dress won’t make you feel that way.

One shoulder dress

They are a classic the dresses one shoulder, which allow you to look to maximize your shoulders and neck, the ExtraReference hairstyle is without a doubt a collected to better exploit the neckline.

Tip: when choosing your dress takes into account the chance that you will use it and of course the colour of your skin to select the appropriate colour.

Dress Gold

There is no doubt that gold dress is perfect for an evening event, is also very discreet in terms of length and the cleavage that allows only the color to be the protagonist.

Tip: when you’re walking, do not give long steps. This can cause the dress to be mounted above the thigh, which depending on context could be too much exposure.

Peplum dress

Style peplum style has been much fashionable, is attractive and generates a great view. It is also ideal for use on an event night or day, with the right tone.

Tip: for the girls of Apple Corps the correct measurement of the peplum will make to your hips to widen and give a balance to the large shoulders. An hourglass body benefits from the peplum when creates a figure more flirtatious and rellenita in the hips. And for a girl who simply need to define your silhouette, help shape giving the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips.

Asymmetric dress

If you are undecided between a short or long style, asymmetrical dress then is for you, it is a design that is short in front and with a fairly moderate by the party long back. In addition the color looks perfect for a night event.

Tip: this kind of models we must carry them with shoes or heels or platformsandals. Never use them with flat shoes. Also if you are very thin, you choose to use this type of dresses with bulky.

Chiffon dress

Chiffon dress never go out of style, because that type of fabric is very thin, brings delicacy and elegance to the dress. In addition to the night are great.

Tip: ironing this type of dresses is a challenge, so we suggest that when you do you opt for read the label of your dress, then heats the iron with low heat and place a damp cloth on your table Ironing Board, and ready to work.

Glitter dress

Few dare to wear a dress glitter fearing to seem too exotic, however with the proper restraint is it may look wonderfully beautiful but especially elegant.

Tip: sober above all! The first rule of sequins is that you do not overload your look. If you’re going to wear a garment glitter, others must be sober, or if you for example choose a sequined dress, don’t you reload with accessories, and choose a few shoes and handbag simple.

Dress with pleats

Comfortable and discreet, the dress with pleats allows you look elegant, unobtrusive but also very sure of yourself. Just be sure to make fabric light to be able to look very well the folds.

Tip: if something falls off you, be very careful! A good way to collect things to wear short dresses is to press your legs together, and bending the knees to crouch, turn slightly to one side to stay with the legs parallel to the object.

Strapless bow dress

Charming, elegant and sexy. The strapless dress is a beautiful design, however, are not very comfortable and they have well everyone, if your body is a bit strong preference not to opt for this design.

Tip: proper underwear! If you have little or no matter much bust, with a strapless dress you must use a proper bra. That’s to say nothing of straps, much less if they are transparent. Today good clips there are strapless to apotan support and firmness in the chest.

Lace dress

Lace dress will surely make you look very feminine, no matter your figure this dress will suit your personality, it is also ideal for events at night or day.

Tip: the main accessory of your dress is the lace is so that your jewelry should be very simple, collected hair is the best choice and don’t forget the shoes, they must also be very discrete.

You see, here you will find an option for each body. Remember that it is necessary to know your figure and also the type of event that you will be attending to choose the most appropriate to buy your dress. Also don’t forget that to exploit better the details of the look, it is essential to opt for the hairstyle best suited for your outfit.