Sigvaris Cotton Medical Compression Stockings

For over 150 years, Sigvaris designs, manufactures and distributes textile compression solutions combining technology, high quality and aesthetics. All Sigvaris products are manufactured in France, partly by hand!

This legging opaque contention is part of the permanent range Sigvaris Wellness, which offers daily a “care-to-wear” for tonic and light legs . all day

Leggings Sigvaris Wellness concentrate all Sigvaris expertise: their cell mass compressive your legs upwards, continuously and throughout the day to activate your circulation and make your light legs, toned and shapely.
Upon first use, your legs are tired and less, lighter and invigorated, from morning to night. They swell more in the afternoon.

This leggings is woven with an opaque mesh with matte and velvety.

Its finishes are tailored for maximum comfort:
-The belt is reinforced with a soft elastic, which compresses not the stomach
-The back is sewn and discreet

Each wash legging allows to recover the initial compression. The effectiveness and durability of the product is guaranteed up to 30 washes!

Technical Products, painstakingly developed, leggings Sigvaris Wellness reflect each morphology.How? With Morpho Fit Effect®, developed by which also offers floral print leggings matching tips.
To benefit, just take his ankle circumference where it is thinnest then refer to the size chart below. An essential guarantee when it wants to ensure a controlled massage, suitable and beneficial!
Because they fit perfectly to your measurements, leggings Sigvaris Wellness slip on easily and gently slide the leg to naturally fit the contours. They then put pressure intensity of an ideal, for a smooth action and comfort.

95% of women who wear products in the range Sigvaris Wellness are satisfied with their work.
84% of women consider “optimal” the comfort of these products and 83% indicate a galba effect.

Leggings Size Guide

Leggings Sigvaris Wellness benefit from pruning adapted to each morphology.
the height and weight are enough to choose its size. The ankle circumference must be checked in case of very thin or very wide ankle.

69% Polyamide-30% Spandex-1% Cotton