Simple Tips To Change Your Look

The arrival of a new year, a loving break, moving or getting that desired work , it usually makes you rethink your look. Believe it or not, renew your image is healthy because you learn how to map your best features, or even, dare with other styles. At least that is, these “adjustments” are refreshing for both your mind and your body.

As some women simply do not know where to start, here is some simple tips to help you achieve a makeover without having to hire a professional stylist or opt for expensive surgeries!

  • Determine what you want to change. Study yourself; stand up in front of the mirror and recognize, openly, what makes you uncomfortable. The key is that you are sincere and not get discouraged.
  • Start with your skin. Put into practice a plan that will allow you to win the battle against these imperfections, no matter your age. Contrary to what many say, acne, wrinkles, Crow’s feet or stains have solution only if they are prevented in time.

Be rigorous with your beauty routine – remember that results are needed, at least three weeks.

  • Perfect. Females tend to fall into several common errors: hide any line or hash with heavy makeup or apply a color so light that it does nothing for your skin. No end is good. To create a perfect “canvas”, you must find a makeup base that covers being natural – this what you get with liquid formulas and even special products or BB Cream CC Cream. Finally, it extends your base to the neck!
  • Prefer Correctors of light to medium coverage and apply only where necessary. The idea is that you can look fresh without having to apply a “mask”.
  • Pay attention to your eyebrows. Takes into account the tradition of the quinceañera: regularly, they defined their eyebrows for the big day, so all notice change of girl woman. The eyebrows are an essential part of your face that can destroy or enhance a complete outfit. To look younger, leave them thick or fill them with a similar to the to your hair color.
  • Light and color. The Illuminators does wonders if they are correctly applied. Do not be afraid – according to makeup artists, a good illuminator can take years and pounds off. The tanning of finished natural, for its part, will provide freshness to your skin while helping define traits. Both, combined with the blush, form the trio to revive a tired face.
  • Raises the tone! It is a fact that the more easily change the look is daring with different colors. If you think that a red lipstick, for example, is not for you, it starts with mild formulas such as dyes or balms. Little by little you iras adapting to a stronger tone, dale time! You’ll be amazed the reviews positive and, above all, the well that you feel with you in.
  • Shadow here, shadow there. Use “strange” eye colors is a risk that many wish to avoid. However, tones such as emerald green, turquoise, purple, electric blue and the eternal golds, coppers and bronzes, are still on trend. For a small “makeover”, complement them in your Eye makeup (or combine them with the classic black and Brown) and ends with several coats of mascara. That unexpected touch of color will give that talk! Tip: the false eyelashes give life to your eyes… use them!
  • Talk about textures. The cosmetic cream or semi-cremosos offer finish natural and fresh – and do not think that is just for teenagers. The blushes, shadows and even eyeliner cream you save time (apply with fingers for a makeup less than five minutes), as well as make you look casual and modern.
  • Mix and match. The anglo term for mixing and matching. The makeup is as the art – who does not experience falls into the same results. Play with your cosmetics, try several tones at the time… everything is valid! Almost always, get effects that favor any skin color.
  • Smile without penalty. What is a lip of luxury if your smile is not the happiest? Prevents uncomfortable moments whitening your teeth every time, without fear that look yellow with pink or orange lipsticks.
  • Say goodbye to the past. Yes, this also applies to your cosmetics. To achieve a renewal of the total look, you must say goodbye to expired makeup, brushes in poor condition or of the lipstick that you inherited from your MOM. Boot, organizes and lava – you’ll see that it will give you a better approach towards this change you are looking for.