Skirt Style Tips

Today, you get some style tips from me on how to consider when shopping skirt. Many people wonder what is the rule regarding kjollängden? It depends on what profession you have? At pantyhose face thickness? Shoe model? The answers can vary and depends on the overall picture. But despite that, I will give you some great style advice you can follow:

* Wide hips is best suited in a straight descending skirt or pencil skirt.

* Narrow hips fit clocked kjolmodeller and pencil skirt.

* You are always properly dressed if your skirt ending right at the knee or just below, the safe wearing tips from is a pencil skirt that fits whatever body shape. Tights pants should not be larger than 10-12 denier.

* A shorter skirt should be rougher in their material to give a more “dressed” impression. Combine with a coarser pantyhose with high boots or boots. In comparison with this combination will excentuate your giving a more free impression and fit if your workplace does not require formal clothing.

* Replace black to Navy Blue a color that inspires confidence and easy to combine with a variety of colors.

* Shoes should be Navy Blue, heel height is up to you, but the higher heel creates more clout!

* If you are working in a male-dominated workplace, where the dress code is suit jacket should you as a woman wearing the skirt purely in terms of etiquette.

Today’s outfits are for those who have a profession that does not require overly comfortable clothes.