Sleep Better with Night Light

Light? Sound?

When I was little was a night light a pretty sad thing that sat in the socket, usually in the hallway or the bathroom.”Hi-tech” meant that it might have an on / off button or that it shone only in the dark. But the night light was never something that you could play with – and the children were absolutely not touch it!

Choose Night Light

Now we have the amazing night lights that are also toys! Some are cuddly, some are rechargeable, some have sound and light – but they all have different features, so we thought help you to choose the one that suits you and your child!

How do you choose?

There are so many different types of night lights that it may be difficult to select. We have tried to collect all this:

Rechargeable Night Light

Some have night lights Rechargeable LED and lit all night. Our Savanoo, Barbapapa and Nomade night lights from Pabobo is a rechargeable LED uploaded during the day and then the lights between 8 and 12 hours. Children can take these flower night lights in the bed for extra security, or the lamp can be left on the charging station and then shines when it is dark in the room. Our musical penguin night light ljuser all night, but also plays a melody in 15 minutes in the beginning of the night.

Battery Powered Night Light

Our popular “Twilight” night lights from Cloud B ljuser 45 minutes and throws constellations on the ceiling. These night lights in the form of a soft toy that is great for play or that can be taken in bed. “Tranquil” Night Lights is a variant that illuminates the room with underwater pattern in 23 minutes by sound or melody.

Night Light with Music

Some babies are soothed by the sound or music. Sleep Sheep, Gentle Giraffe and certain other products from Cloud B plays a melody, heartbeats, ocean sounds, etc. in 23-45 minutes. With Sleep Sheep sensor activates the sound again if the baby wakes up or moves. Glow Bear Cuddles and Firefly Frog combines sound and light in 10-45 minutes.

Night Light with Lighting

That said, some of these products, both light and sound. In all the sound work only during the first few minutes. The light works all night in Pabobos penguin, and in some mintuer Cloud Bs Firefly Frog, Glow Bear Cuddles and Tranquil products.

We hope this has explained a little about the different products that we have on ABC Toys. If you have questions, just contact us!

Here you can find night lights from Cloud B and Pabobo.

Sleep tight!