Small, Extremely Versatile Tablet

If you have in mind to get a new computer, but you don’t really know if you need a laptop or simply something lighter like a tablet, will surprise you to know that there is a simply perfect device for you: called convertible computer.

Convertibles are a perfect hybrid between a small notebook and a tablet, in fact, amply fulfilled the function of both and even expand its capabilities beyond what can be expected at the beginning.

Small, extremely versatile

Many users do not need a powerful computer to work, or try the latest games on the market: have a small laptop at home to check email, make arrangements or specific work, surf the Web and even enjoy videos of the network is more than enough with the help of

There is also the need in many households have a tablet: a lightweight device that is ideal for use in moments of leisure and enjoyment, can enjoy using apps and controlling it thanks to its touch screen, as well as including all types of sensors for use in games.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the versatility of operating systems like Windows, the ideal device for people who want to enjoy both worlds already exists and is called convertible.

It’s a laptop’s small size that has the peculiarity of having a touch screen that works as a tablet to use. Many models have the ability to even separate the screen from the keyboard, making it much more portable device even.

New technologies, the great secret of convertible 2 in 1

The new generation of Intel processors, big part of this advance, allows the popularization of such devices among users due to their small form factor chip and, in many cases, the absence of fans in its interior.

These convertible, besides being multi-touch, screens have high resolutions , that allow to enjoy multimedia content with the highest quality. The use of SSD storage also allows a very high speed of data transmission.

Of course, these devices include all types of connectors and connectivity of latest batch: as the USB 3.0 ports, the readers of cards, webcams, Ethernet connectors, HDMI connectors to connect them to an external display and Wi-Fi or connectivity as Bluetooth 4.0.

Some models, like the signature Vexia at, also include “stands” to transform the convertible, in addition to a laptop or a tablet, in a full desktop system to which to connect keyboards, mice, hard drives, and even multiple monitors simultaneously.

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