Small Fountain in the Garden

When you hear the word landscaping, most people immediately think of flower beds, shrubs and lawn care. However, it can be deployed in a wider sense, not only use natural resources. In fact, by adding man-made ornaments, the yard can become a work of art. Garden fountains are an easy way to improve the exterior landscape by combining the aesthetic beauty of the sculpture with the natural feeling of a waterfall.


Choose a fountain according to the material. Materials often reflect the style of the house, classic stone fountains became necessary after using them in old gardens of Europe, where there is involvement of figures are often applied and resins. Through the use of shale produces a natural or contemporary design with a waterfall. Materials such as stone, cement, slate and cast iron heavy, durable, but at the same time more expensive item. Fountains made ​​of clay or ceramic tiles have a subtle kind, but also not a cheap investment. Artificial materials such as plastic resin and fiberglass are lightweight, can be modeled to look like stone, and are not brittle. However, the sound that issued when the water hit the bowl is not the same as in more traditional performances.

Fountain can be made from almost anything, even a simple container found in the garage – for this purpose you need only pump. The most commonly used such submersible mounted on the bottom of the fountain on a footrest, whereby is prevented the pumping of deposits. The water acts as a coolant and thus the engine is running at the optimum temperature. Almost all pumps used for this purpose are powered from the mains. The energy consumption varies depending on their power. There are garden fountains, which can operate independently. This is accomplished by using a battery or a photovoltaic element.

Choosing a Suitable Fountain

Without the help of a designer to guide you, you are facing a huge selection of garden fountains. First, you should not bet on large water effect if your yard is small, it will lead to clutter the landscape. Due to evaporation of water, the smaller fountains work best in shaded areas, while the larger ones, can be mounted in direct sunlight. The size is also decisive for what you want to achieve as a sound and visual effect. Largely it depends on your personal preference. Select the fountain depending on its location, the style of your house and yard. Modern interpretations of classic designs are popular in today’s gardens, and fit well to the style of each house.

The fountain in the garden is not just for decoration, it gives a great opportunity to give emphasis in the yard. Although stylistically they are very diverse (stone cascades, decorative items, paintings sculptures) and are made of different materials (stone, slate, copper, fiberglass, cascading rocks, etc.), so as to suit every taste and also have practical advantages:

Noise Reduction
One of the main reasons for people to plant large shrubs or build high fences to block any residual noise from the street. Garden fountains do the same thing, but without limiting the view. They replace the noise with the quiet murmur of the water.

Stress Relief

The sound of running water is a proven means to reduce your stress level. Therefore, in addition to your yard can be beautiful garden fountains has the unique ability to contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and relaxation. Just make sure that you choose the appropriate speed water pump and height of the cascade to achieve the desired sound effect.

Fountain of Life
To approach her ​​garden to the natural scenery, many owners prefer to have animal presence in it. Providing a source of water for many small animals, the fountain can be even more effective in attracting birds and squirrels than feed. Plus, if you want to leave their pets outside, these water effects may be temporarily place their watering just need to make sure that the water is clean and its performance are the norm.

Easy Maintenance

To make sure that the water facility will meet your needs, you should consult a professional. Some owners are required to purify the water to avoid the accumulation of calcium. Others require the chemicals added to the water to avoid the accumulation of algae. No matter what kind of garden fountain you buy, there are some easy tips for maintenance that you should consider in order to maintain the system and running smoothly.

Maintaining water levels:
Periodic inspection of the water level will ensure longer life of the water pump. During the summer season, the fumes are larger and may need to add water occasionally.

Replacement of water:
No matter how purified or filtered water cycle is, chances are it is dirty. You can hire a professional for this job, but ask for information from the manufacturer how often you need this replacement.

Winter conditions:
If you live in a colder area be sure to drain the water before each winter. Provided that the winter is very cold and long, you will need to collect garden fountain inside. It can even complement the interior of your home by contributing to an exotic feeling, having waterfall indoors.