Smart Glass-an Extra Dimension to Your Xbox

Xbox Smart Glass gives you extra options when you plug your phone or tablet along with your game console.

Xbox Smart glass is no magic new feature, but perhaps a more overlooked feature for mobile people who also have an Xbox gaming console standing at home in the living room.

Smart glass available as an application for both, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Windows 8 – and can give regular Xbox games an extra dimension when they are plugged together with an additional device.

The term Smart glass itself may not be very telling about the functionality that the application contains, but in the following, we will describe what the Smart glass is for something.

How do you use Smart glass?

First install Xbox Smart glass on your smartphone or tablet.

Then you start your Xbox and log on to your network, so the game console is online.

Start Smart glass on your mobile or tablet and log on to the same network as your Xbox, with the same login.

What can the Xbox Smart glass used for?

When you are logged on to your smartphone or tablet will be converted into an extra Xbox-dimension where you can control your Xbox, surfing the Internet, view game stats, get more information while you play and much more, a so-called second device.

We have tested several different features of Smart glass and immediately you would think that Microsoft had favored features in favour of their own products, like Windows Phone and Windows 8, but it’s not quite the case, since the applications for both Android and iOS works really fine.

There is quite a known small differences in functionality to the various units, but overall have the same functionality.

You can on our site see a list of functionalities on the various platforms.

Here we have compiled a few examples of Smart glass-functionality:

Dance Central

With dance game Dance Central will be your smartdevice (smartphone or tablet) transformed into a search engine for music.

Here you can search for available numbers, which can be used in the game and make your own play list, so the game on Xbox continues, as long as there is music in the playlist. Your smartdevice will therefore be a mini DJ-desk, where you can control the celebrations.

Medal of hornor

With Medal of Honor on the X box which, you get game statistics directly on your smartdevice, so you can keep track of how far you have come in the game and how tough you have been.

NBA Game Time-Basketball

Start NBA basketball on with games and you will be updated about everything there is to know about American basketball.

With your smartdevice in hand, you can choose to view news, interviews and highlights from the fighting, and view it all on your tv screen via Xbox.

urf on the Internet

If you would like to surf the Internet and view the pages on your television screen, Smart glass can be a good tool, where you can enter website addresses, and manage Internet Explorer.

It is clearly easier to enter internet addresses and keywords on the keyboard on a tablet or smartphone, than it is to use the traditional crontroller, where it is necessary to navigate on a Visual keyboard on the screen.

Track your Xbox

Smart glass can also be transformed into a check, so you can control your Xbox and navigate by swipe and tap the screen on your smartdevice.

It replaces the more traditional controls, when you want to play your favorite online game, but may be easier to apply when you URf.eks. want to navigate among music and video services and surf the Internet.

Install Smart glass on your smartdevice, you do not need to install in order to use your device together with the X box which. Depending on what game or application you start with games, Smart glass have different functionality and appearance.

Smart glass is a super addition to your Xbox, which gives a whole new dimension to your gaming console, and which makes your console more useful on many points.

Xbox Smart glass can be downloaded to the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Soon comes the new Xbox on the market

Microsoft’s Xbox has already several years old, and therefore the company has announced that a new game console will be presented on the 21st. may kl. 19.00.

Of course, we expect that the new Xbox will also have a Smart glass functionality or something similar.