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Look who’s talking: thanks to a second camera you make with the UMTS-capable 6680 easy video calls. But despite better equipment, the Nokia Smart phone with Series 60 user interface can oust his predecessor, not from square one of the mobile leaderboard.

Nokia’s 6630, a compact smart phone with faster UMTS connection, is at the forefront of our mobile rankings. Nokia 6680’s successor has a second camera on the display. This video calls via the UMTS-cable can be easily lead.

Elsewhere, Nokia has bought even one or other candy. We reveal why it is one enough despite better equipment for space and why the 6680 yet a recommendation is value.

Phone Features: Two Cameras

The second camera above the display shows the 6680 as true UMTS mobile phone. With it, you show your conversation partner. And about the well-protected camera on the back, the caller sees what you see.

Video telephony
To switch between the cameras, slide you just the cover on the back and. In a second well surrounded the 6680 on the other camera. Video telephony works in the test as reliable and choppy as we know it from other UMTS phones.

In stand-by mode, activate the camera by opening the cover. Now, you can shoot either photos or record videos. The camera on the back take photos images at 1,280 x 960 pixels resolution (1.22 megapixels), which shoots great shots over the display 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 megapixel).

The image quality is equal to the of its predecessor, examples can be found in the photo gallery. Both offer the currently usual resolution of 176 x 144 pixels when recording videos. The length of the video depends on the available memory.

Around the camera, lots of tools provides the 6680. So, you can directly edit images and videos. The Lifeblog application helps to manage and collect photos, videos and messages (SMS, MMS) to date in a calendar.

About nine MByte available at memory available. This Nokia provides with large reduced size multimedia card (RS-MMC) 64 MByte. Like the 6630 which accepts 6680 but only special 1.8/3.0-Volt cards. The 6680 also features a music player with stereo sound that plays MP3 and AAC files. The sounds balanced using the supplied headset, could use slightly more bass.

Phone features
When the phone’s features nothing makes the 6680 really miss, until on the external antenna port, lacking all Nokia phones. The Smartphone does even things you can use may not (yet): the Walkie-Talkie service push to talk about, so far, only T-Mobile offers. And the fast data transfer via EDGE supports no network operator in Germany.

PDA Functions: More Office

The 6680 offers the typical business functions for Series 60 smartphones – and has to offer something more than its predecessor.

Contacts, appointments, tasks and notes left in the test easily with Outlook interact. In the classic PDA phones with Windows Mobile or the Palm operating system that works much faster. Good seven minutes that required 6680 for transferring 1,000 contacts via the supplied USB cable. The T-Mobile SDA takes care of the whole in good a minute.Generally, the 6680 for a really lag-free control works too slowly. For a function call the Smartphone average takes his time about two seconds. Since even the 6630 works a tad bit faster.

Practical tools you will find pocket and currency calculator, a voice recorder and the wallet function enables you password-protected to save credit card or login information. Compared to its predecessor, you can open also PowerPoint and PDF files now except for Word and Excel documents and look at.

Data functions
In addition to WCDMA (UMTS) is the data transmission and reception via GPRS or HSCSD. The 6680 offers an E-Mail client, as well as a HTML browser with which you come fairly through the World Wide Web. An infra – red interface is missing. Data is exchanged, for example, with the PC either via Bluetooth or via the data cable.

Practice: Small Buttons

At the facilities, the 6680 has to offer more than its predecessor. In practice, the newcomer cuts off but worse.

The display of the 6680 although 262,144 colors. The color number but not necessarily brings a better representation. To the display of the 6630 represents “only” 65,536 colors, lights up but slightly brighter in comparison. The resolution also retains the 6680 at the typical for Series 60 devices 176 x 208 pixels. Since even the business dwarf 6230i with 208 x 208 pixels for more has.

As with its predecessor the keyboard due to the compact design have to settle with little space. While the softkeys and the five way navigation are fine to use, the smooth, transparent keypad require much tact. The predecessor of 6630, they were curved and noticeably separated. Who attaches importance to a large keyboard, is not well served with both devices.

Nokia has significantly upgraded the standby screen when the 6680. He displays now much more than just time, State of charge, messages or missed calls. Top five user-selectable features lined up, you can call quickly and easily.Below is a list of upcoming dates. Who want to give up the active stand-by indicator, can easily turn it off. Then the five buttons navigation can be is in turn directly with functions.

Also in the sound test, the 6680 left a good impression. The caller sounds present and 6680 can be with the yet to phone in a noisy environment. When both conversation partners confused talk, there is the usual drop-outs at the remote site. Also the handsfree sounds well understood and vigorously. Despite the good acoustics: In the test something performs the more natural-sounding 6630 better.

Bottom Line: Small Error, Big Impact

Despite larger facilities, the 6680 truncates worse than its predecessor. The front seats is so closely, that little things make all the difference.

The road test of the 6680 is slightly worse in sound and keyboard. However, a top phone, have succeeded with the 6680 Nokia achieved the grade “very good” in the test. At the Equipment is the second camera for convenient video calls and photo management Lifeblog ahead its predecessor the 6680. At PDA functions the newcomer now also provides a viewer for PDF and PowerPoint files.

As with its predecessor: fear of contact with UMTS are unfounded. The 6680 is as compact as a conventional Series 60 smartphone, video telephony and fast Internet access work in the test easily. Also the Operation is not complicated by the new technology.

Clearly: Who do without video calling and the PDF Viewer, is slightly better off with the 6630. But ultimately, the two devices are so close together, that also the eye may decide with.

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