Smartphones to Blame in New Folk Illness

Up against every third Danish computer user have had pain after having used the thumb too much on smartphones.

You may end up getting hurt by that use touch screens on smart phones and tablets.

Every third Danish computer user have experienced having pain in the thumb due to too much use of touch-screens. Previously it was mouse-damage a huge problem, as the mouse became standard equipment for computers. It writes our site according to our site.

However, as with traditional computers and mice more or less has been replaced by smartphones and tablets with new touch-screens, then a new “public disorder” on the road. This is shown by a study conducted by the firm of Contour Design’s behind.

In the survey research firm Userneeds has asked 2,500 Danes who uses a computer on a daily basis at work, about their experience with devices with touch screens.

The survey showed that one in three has experienced to have pain in the body, for example in the fingers, neck or arms, after using a smartphone or tablet.

-“We use the portable devices more and more, and studies show that it is many of the same muscles that are strained. Especially young people are hit hard, so there is no evidence that the traditional computer-related pain is reduced in the future, “said Pascal Madeleine professor of ergonomics at Aalborg University, in a press release.

Pascal Madeleine also studious advises users of touch screens, to switch fingers so it’s not the same fingers that are used all the time. One should keep in mind both the hand and the body position should be changed along the way.