Smartq U7: Another Tablet With Projector

If the idea of putting a projector in a smartphone may not be ideal in everyday life, increasing in size and weight to the advantage of a feature that we would use occasionally, place it on a tablet can be different. The latter are by their very nature objects that don’t necessarily we take with us every day, and from which however you claim less in terms of weight and size content. We already saw a proposal to that effect, and today we take a look at this SmartQ U7, which above you see portrait alongside the Nexus 7.

We say it now: we’re not there yet. Android experience in this case is not optimal, and the autonomy in 2 hours is about projection, which already is not a great deal, and once the download completes the tablet won’t turn back on for once put in charge, but we will have to wait a half hour. The display is 1024 x 600 pixels and also just particularly prone to fingerprints, which place the Nexus 7 on a higher level in all respects.

But there is a but: adding, in the case of the SmartQ U7, increases the weight of only 20 grams compared to ASUS, tablet and projector attached is from 35 lumens, which easily surpasses even the 15 lumen of Galaxy Beam: the result is a projected image pretty well even in an environment not too obscured, with the effect of having a 50 “on a wall of the House/Office.

The concept is that “you can do” and that probably this technology makes more sense than a small tablet, rather than to enlarge a smartphone. Whether and how the various producers decide to point, is something that we will just have to wait to find out.