Smartwatch Industry Growth

The smartwatch could allow businesses to increase employee productivity

Although the smartwatch is expected to finally become a mass product this year, there is already a sector that has found a useful application for these devices. More and more companies see the wearables great potential that would enable them toincrease employee productivity , identify potential problems and proposing solutions prematurely. Yes, the smartwatch have reached the world of business before the general public.

Of course, it is in the United States where such practices are becoming more frequent, which is why many companies are distributing their devices used quantifiers for free . The goal is to know the routines of workers and detect potential problems that could reduce their productivity: lack of sleep, low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, etc …

Getting enough sleep or do physical exercise regularly is not something that only a positive impact on our health but also our productivity. Especially this last point is of interest to companies, as it is scientifically proven that a healthy and rested body is able to concentrate better and for a longer period of time. Before you buy a watch, you must consider which OS it is used, iOS or Android, knowns as Android wear.

For example, among other things, the company could see if their employees do the20 minutes of daily physical activity recommended by experts and, most importantly, if done regularly or timely. They could also observe sleep patterns, sleep quality of an employee and the hours devoted to rest. Undoubtedly, the smartwatch might get to have a strong presence in the business world and this phenomenon is already present in large corporations such as Google, eBay, BP and other giants of the United States.

The eternal debate, this implies a violation of employee privacy?

All this looks very good on paper, but at this point we must ask whether the company knows our daily physical activity or our sleep patterns is not a clear violation of ourright to privacy . Of course, we must assume that submit to bring a wearable us daily and share our data with the company is purely optional, but the debate is still there.

As we read on Engadget, by the time many manufacturers of wearables as Fitbit or Jawbone are already seeing in the world of business big business to exploit, and already have exclusive programs quantification for companies that allow these to get an overview of its workforce in areas such as physical activity or sleep.