Sneakers by Lapo Elkann

Since founded his agency Independent Ideas now we hear of him especially for his very interesting creative ideas. Latest additions are the sneakers Rock Save Italy, which arise from the advertising campaign for Virgin Radio in which the scion of the Agnelli family posing in style cross Jim Morrison on the background of the Union Jack with the colors of our flag. From here to create sneakers pace was really short here is in fact the instant collection in collaboration with the, noble brand of Italian shoe making tradition.

The campaign for Virgin Radio, where Lapo Elkann rested on the cross as Jim Morrison with the English revisited flag with the colors of our flag, the step to achieve instant collection of sneakers was really short. In collaboration with the Golden Slipper, historical brand of Italian footwear, Independent Ideas Lapo Elkann has created a collection of very interesting sneakers, starring two models that will surely speak for itself. the first is definitely what will go to sell well this is the shoe the italic version of the flag of English and the slogan “Rock Save Italy”, also available in a tinted version combined with the white flag inside.

The model certainly more daring and perhaps more significant is the sneaker seen together on the upper flags Israeli and Palestinian, with the slogan “We had a Dream”. Simple marketing strategy or real interest in solving one of the most enduring conflicts in history? We can not know, but certainly the end result, purely in terms of aesthetics is very attractive. Where to find the sneakers created by Lapo Elkann? On Superfly Deluxe, priced at 125 Euros for the models in canvas and 175 for those in the skin.