Sneakers You can Wear out

You want comfortable shoes, beautiful and stylish? The time has come to take a look at the new current collections sneakers.

Among the trendiest shoes this spring, no doubt, there are definitely the sneakers. Certainly we are not talking about special sandals or return of sabot, but of sneakers, or nearly so, perfect for making casual and sporty, to be comfortable and dynamic and to give a touch of color and imagination when needed.

This summer, in fact, there are many brands that have signed really unexpected and unique proposals. There are all kinds and, of course, there are the great classics of fashion. What is most striking this time is that they were created for new models with unique trim and finish elements, and proposals of all time, practically the evergreens in the field of footwear, have been revisited in a contemporary way.

I mean, you don’t go anywhere without sneakers! And even if you are passionate of the heel 12 we are sure that you couldn’t really do without bass models, soft and comfy, perfect for going up and down the streets of your city. We find, therefore, together 4 women’s sneakers spring/summer 2016 you can’t miss.

Converse – Yes, let’s start from the Converse Chuck Taylor that this return to conquer in this extraordinary color goose beak. They are completely solid color, rubber sole, eyelets and laces included. You can also get dressed completely in black, but with these foothills will be really hard to go unnoticed.

Dolce & Gabbana – Dark blue satin base with micro white dots, black smooth leather suede lace-up recovery, periwinkle and crackled sole element red and black. What are they? Dolce & Gabbana new sneakers, simply a convenient model for having a really stylish fashion accessory according to

Diesel – If you take a good look at this shoe you’ll immediately notice the effect denim, which is metallic and has a vintage touch gave intentionally finish “broken.” Anyway, this is the Diesel sneakers for women, high-cut and with the play of classic five-pocket jeans.

Patrizia Pepe – Finally, we propose a more romantic and delicate, played on shades of pink and floral print. The insert style upholstery, resumed on the sides and heel, which recalls the tongue, a pink faux leather color and detail more candid, camel on which we find the insect-shaped brooch by Patrizia Pepe makes these stylish sneakers but a must day.