So Is The Prototype of The Nokia Normandy with Android

Evleaks It has returned to being the focus of attention for a few minutes, when they published a new photograph quoting another user. It is of an image of a supposed Nokia Normandy with Android prototype that all said, coincides with leaks from a few days ago.

Frontal photograph where there is any kind of colorful detail characteristic of the current Lumia. A black phone with a cover that looks like silicone to protect, and probably also to hide the device design. We still do not know specific technical features, even though you know that They shuffle a simple terminal with dual SIM and perhaps aimed at emerging markets.

@evleaks the engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy our site.

— is (@seamissu) January 12, 2014

There are many rumors and much confusion regarding Nokia Normandy created in recent months. Microsoft reaches an agreement with Nokia for Finns to design Windows Phones, and some time later directly bought part of the company. And now, when Windows Phone begins to take off – very little to little, but rather is better than nothing-, Nokia Android rumors back to the fore and are intensifying, Curiously enough a few weeks before Mobile World Congress of 2014 on Feb. 24 will start. If we continue learning new facts, no one discard that Nokia is one of the main protagonists in the fair of Barcelona with its first Android smartphone.

There is also information that suggest that Normandy was a prototype that Nokia was working a few years ago, before the agreement with Microsoft, and belonging to the prototype this image and others displayed previously. We will check if rumors intensify in the coming weeks, and in that case such time has a new pump soon.