So This Style Treggings!

Who can best carry the different trouser models we looked at earlier today on the basis of body shape and style? And how to style treggings?

Training trousers/ sweatshirt /Joggers – like trouser models that fit the body shape and image often worn by models with photo so the pants looks about right “oversize” out and preferably in combination with a good looking shoe with a high heel shoe boot/or rough. Stylistically fit this trouser model best character (D) or for those who want to give a creative but casual look.

Kostymbyxa – this model can be worn with both straight and curved body shape. But are you the one who is really curvy with wide hips and narrow waist kostymbyxan can be difficult since it can easily be gap at the waist or experienced tight across the hips.

For you that is a C, this is often one of your favorite pants. Do you belong to any of the other characters fit the best for those who want to be more Business in your style. But overall, I think it’s a pant that fits to have that base in the closet.

Covered on, leggings, treggings, jeggings -Three similar trouser models suitable for all regardless of body shape but the combination is important so it doesn’t get too much “mysbyxa”. Leggings, treggings is thinnest in the model slightly more dressy and jeggings a softer variant of a stretchjeansbyxa.

In today’s outfits (below the image) I show how styling treggings to still give a dressy look.