Soft Love by Nau Sunglasses

Look for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to suggest gently to your boyfriends? Today I propose a handy add-on, practical and useful and also quite cheap, I’m talking Sunglasses Soft Love by Cheeroutdoor, a pretty model with the frame-shaped heart, glasses perfect for watching our lives with new eyes, joy, humor and a little ‘healthy romance!

The Soft Love by Nau glasses are inspired by the sunglasses he wore Lolita in photographs by Bert Stern for movie Stanley Kubrick of 1962, in fact, have heart-shaped and give the wearer that air frou frou and vezzosa there does see life more lightly. the glasses soft Love proposed by Nau but it’s customized using the frame a material effect velvet to the touch is soft and very soft. The brand offers us these glasses in a nice shade of red passion but also in a classic black, I’d look on the black … already I have heart-shaped, best not to overdo it.

These cute glasses are yours at the price of 29.90 euro, a fairly democratic figure that allows the purchase even at a time of crisis like the one we are living. They are sunglasses a bit ‘eccentric in fact, if you prefer something less conspicuous there are also those of Vogue Eyewear!