Sony Promises to Xperia Z3 Soon Get Android 5.0

CES trade show featuring, of course, a lot of product news, but Sony will also talk support for earlier models.

CES fair caters typical of TV enthusiasts, but recent years have been more and more product categories with, and now that Sony is there to talk TV and audio, why not also the PlayStation and smartphones?

It certainly seems to be the idea behind, because Sony has already introduced two new wearables, and also come with a promise to the starved Xperia Z3 owners.

Sony has previously been out and say that the entire Z-series will get Android 5.0, Lollipop, in 2015. Now clarifies Michael Fasulo, CEO, the Z3 will get Lollipop already next month. So for Z3 owners can February go and be a wonderful month.

When the rest of the Z-series gets the Lollipop has Sony has not yet been out and say, but we must assume that Sony keeps his word, and delivers Lollipop to even more devices here in 2015.

Do you have a Z3, and await you at Lollipop update?