Sony Ready to Sell Mobile-Business

The traditional Japanese company Sony is ready to sell part of the business from mobile to rectify a compact economy.

Japanese Sony has it not easy for the time being, and after several downward revisions of economic forecasts see it now seem that Sony is ready to sell mobile and tv part of the company from. It is in an attempt to pull the overall economy up on black numbers again.

It is Reuters, who has talked with sources close to Sony’s leadership, and they tell so that management is aware of the fact that ‘no business lasts forever’. Therefore, can Sony be towards finding investors for television and mobile Department or sell them off.

Sony’s economy is gradually so penetrated for the first time that the company will not pay a bonus to its investors-among other things, after heavy losses on smartphones.

Last year, the Japanese sold their Vaio business from that producrede laptops, like the television Division has become an independent company. Nokia also sold his mobile-producing Department of Microsoft, so it is not an unheard of drag in the struggle for profit.

To pull the economy up earns Sony money on their PlayStation Store and on sensors to among other smartphone cameras.

A source tells Reuters that although there is not yet any agreements ready for Sony, so it has been provisioned to all parts of the group, that Sony is ready to pull the plug if necessary.

Get Sony not turned things around, so can it mean the end of Sony Xperia Z-bar, which might otherwise have gotten excellent reviews on the latest.