Sony Smart Band Talk: a Master of Undeserved Praise [Test]

Review: Sony Smart band Talk SWR-30 have all the cards to be the perfect intelligent aktivitetstracker-if the otherwise dropped skamrosen.

Who has long ruled a divide between smart watches on one side and aktivitetstrackere on the other side. Smartwatches is crammed to the brim with features and can run both its own and third-party applications. In the other wearable-camp meetings we aktivitetstrackeren that passively collect data as steps and movements, and then feed them to a dedicated app on your phone.

In off mode similar to the unmistakable a tracker, it is even the same type of rubber in the strap as the Sony equipped its original Smart band SWR10 with. But the teeth you will both show your notifications, agere headset or remind you of calendar appointments or show the weather forecast.

Sony Smart band Talk puts it so between two stools-perhaps it should be called a smart tracker?

Specifications Sony Smart band Talk

Goal: 23.5 x 9.5 mm
Weight: 24 grams
Screen: 1.4 “monochrome E-ink display, 296 x 128 pixels, 192 DPI
Battery: 70 mAh, up to 3 days of use
Networking: Bluetooth 3.0, micro-USB port
Requirements: Android mobile with 4.4 KitKat
Moreover: IP58 waterproof, microphone/speaker, press/button-input, accelerometer, altimeter
Price: approx. 1,150 dollars, available in white or black.


Front gråhvide pane portends that Smart band Talk may more than its tracker-colleagues.

It is a small display on 1.4 inch with the so-called e-ink technology: a type of monitor that shows only black and white shades, but as to out do not have any backlight. The more light you have around you, the easier it will be to decipher, the downside here is that it requires a light source-and just as with printed paper it becomes illegible in the dark.

Resolution on 296×128 is not towering, but sharp enough to get text and icons to step clearly. E-ink technology is furthermore not very quickly update content so that each page break leaves a little shade which fades after a few seconds.

Not all wrist

Sony adds up to Smart band Talk to be worn 24 hours a day, and attributes as a lightweight fluted rubber surface, a waterproof IP 68 exterior and a low weight of 24 grams is well suited for this purpose.
I would also like to, but my wrists and Sony Smart band Talk reached never to become good friends. This is due to the hard plastic front not bows enough to embrace my manifest to round the wrist. It is no disaster for Smart band Talk is easy, but it makes the more exposed the rough and tumble of everyday life and go at the same time fro out over comfort at night.

Alternatively, can the screen be turned toward the body, giving it a better fit, but often karambolerer with the laptop keyboard I work with on a daily basis.
There is also a shorter strap included with, but just very helped, though, the fit was never as good as in the narrower and simpler Smart band. Other colleagues on the Editorial Board, however, could well come to terms with the rigid frame, the conclusion must be that Smart band Talk must be tested before it is purchased.

The device’s front is in contrast to similar trackers as Samsung Gear Fit not protected by tempered glass, but instead of transparent plastic. An unfortunate choice for a gadget which must be able to follow along in thick and thin. And quite expectedly went there not more than a few days before the screen got its first scratches and the site is far more added to the collection-I dare not think of how it will appear after a year of daily use.

The screen’s touch technology differs from smartphones touch-sensitive screens. Instead, the press it is reacting to something that requires a bit of getting used to but on the other hand, has the great advantage to work even with glove-clad fingers. On this page you will find the power and volume buttons that are easy to hit, in spite of their small size.

Smarter than most

But how is it otherwise in use Smart band Talk? Yes, first it must be set up. It requires an Android mobile with Bluetooth 3.0 and Android 4.4 KitKat before you can install the necessary ‘ Smart Talk ‘ band app. Another essential app is Sony’s LifeLog App as acting digital logbook and visualizes your data.

Through it you can set the background color of the text and icons, and choose which notifications must be pushed further to the wrist. You can preset ‘ do not disturb’-times, alarms and should your smart band get away, you can ask it to give the sound from it as long as it stays within bluetooth range.

The application list is short, but contains substantial and useful apps:

  • World clock
  • Locate the phone – get your phone to ring if you have mislaid it.
  • Calendar-displays the your next calendar appointment
  • Sound recorder
  • Voice control – does not work on Danish. Understand a set of predefined voice commands
  • Weather forecast
  • Smart badge – stores a message on the screen
  • Smart Control – turn off features such as Wi-Fi/airplane mode/speaker/etc. on or off on your phone
  • Smart Camera-remote trigger to your phone camera
  • Action Camera – remote control your Sony Action cam
  • Life Bookmark. Please leave an audio note to Sony Lifelog app

At Smart band perisheth navigation between apps by pressing the power button. Every click brings you to the next app, it therefore means also that each app you add provides an additional home screen to go through – install more than 3-4 apps it becomes therefore quickly convoluted to switch from app to app.

Sony deserve praise for smartwatch portion in Smart band Talk. It is limited, but contains the essential features like a smartwatch should possess.

Most useful is the ability to receive notifications at the wrist. Some will think that it is redundant, now that your phone is not farther away than the Pocket, but it does have a addictive aspect. You will save time by being able to distinguish between important and unimportant quote mail messages before you phone up the Pocket fisherman.

At the same time surpasses Smart band Talk the market most smart watches by fend for themselves for two to three days before you must pass by the micro-USB charger. Barn door itself is hidden behind a small waterproof flap and requires no ladedock – a practical detail.


Hallo, hallo

Smart band Talk is, as the name implies, also ready to converse. You can add a favorite that you can call up at a single, fixed pressure or receive calls. It requires, however, James Bond-style or a certain aplomb to carry out a conversation with his wrists in public, but in some scenarios, it is brilliant to be able to lead a hands-free call as URf.eks. in the car or while running the trip.

Microphone recorder excellent sound, the lonely speaker sound quality, however, is only fair. The rows, however, for most conditions, but it will not replace your phone’s built-in handsfree function.

Too finfølende

Smart band Talk is therefore an excellent smartwatch in tracker-clothes. Unfortunately the same can not be said about the tracker.
A built-in altimeter and movement sensor is reporting your data to Sony’s LifeLog app, after which the many data together piece into a plaid of your everyday life.

The application is among the best of its kind, and, together with its predecessor Smart band SWR-10 or Sony’s latest Z-mobiles distinguish it between your daily activities with high precision. That is why I am amazed that the Smart band Talk now consistently hits the next-the inflate the numbers to unrealistic values.

Problems in the other movements enough ponders perceived as steps – thus was Christmas dinner using electric beaters perceived as over 2000 steps with corresponding calorie consumption-a game of table football? 1000 steps. At the same time, car and subway trips often misinterpreted to jogging or cycling.

The result will be that Smart band Talk regularly logs up to it two or three times what the Motorola Moto 360, or the app Moves, records by the same activities.

It’s flattering in these weight-loss rate sometimes being able to showcase an impressive calories burned, and one becomes even regularly rewarded with badges and notifications about one’s good progress. But I would rather see my more lazy reality illustrated figures. The data is simply useless.

Finally, the altimiter – data not to track. They were reportedly logged, but won’t appear anywhere in LifeLog.

Less praise thanks!

On paper is Smart band Talk an excellent idea. Sony manages to take fitness Tracker’s format and spicing it with the best features of the smartwatch world. Are you listening to them as yet have scrapped the wristwatch could Smart band Talk have been the right gadget for you.

Therefore, ærgres I, when Smart band Talk do not understand to have the basic features in place. It is water and dust proof, but by scratches too easily. The fit is debatable, for it is unsuitable for some wrist.

However, it belongs to the minutiae. On the other hand, cannot be excused, what is the actual tracker-part which delivers far too inaccurate and skamros data. I would preferably be free.

Smart band Talk available in white or black to a daily rate of about 1,150.0-crowns.

Sony’s Smart Band Talk get therefore 3 out of 6 stars.