Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Contact

If anyone thought that the Compact Z1 was a rarity and there was no space in the high range of smartphones in the vicinity of four inch Android, Here’s Sony to make his mistake with the Z3 Compact.

The renovation has been greater than in the range of “big screen” and from first glance it is clear: in less size (trimmed both in length and width as in thickness) Sony has achieved grow the screen until the 4.6 inches. This makes Z3 Compact to fight not so much in the segment of “four-inch smartphones” but in “new size small” versus those that are placed in 5.2 to 5.5 inches.

In design could refer to in the first impressions of the Z3, his older brother, with the proviso that the side is of a polycarbonate that a curious optical impression: convex looks when it is concave. Just underline that the range of colors we liked least Z1 compact, in which shone the Green lima more than menthol Z3 Compact Green makes it.

Screen and an expected large autonomy

On the screen should be noted that they have chosen to remain in 720 p, a decision that seemed clear to the size of the Z1, but now, with these 4.6 inches seems a bit risky when it comes to position it in the high-end. Our first impression is that it looks great, in the absence of check if you will overcome your unresolved issue with maximum exposure to the Sun.

Another variable to observe the growth of the display is that something is difficult to use with one hand, at least if you have small hands. It is true that engineering work is notable for the same space win those inches for screen, but with this Sony has decided to put the Compact in the League that is expected to be very competitive at the end of this year: the new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

In the full analysis which we hope will bring you very soon, we will be able check more thoroughly the big subjects of this Compact Z3, that will no doubt be autonomy – that with the improvement of consumption of the screen, hold it in 720 p and the battery increasing up to 2600 mAh, it boasts good – camera and these new modes, its performance to daylight and that integration with the PS4 so promises.

For now, we leave you started with the image gallery and contact in video that I have been able to make the Z3 compact Xperia in our test:

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Making contact in video

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