Sophistication and Organization in Your Bathroom

Learn more about the functionality of espelheiras available in different materials.

Mirror and shelf for storing cosmetics are essential in the bathroom. How about purchasing a piece that has the two products together? Then opt for espelheira to the bathroom (see

Installed next to offices, these kinds of cabinets that come with the mirror, have the power to leave the bathroom more organized, as they have compartments. In them, you can store cosmetics, makeup and home furnishings. When carrying out any personal care task like brushing your teeth or shaving, the niches give a forcinha. That’s because you can use them as support for the articles.

Protagonist also in the decoration, the espelheira bathroom has several designs.There are wood versions, glass (including smoked models), metal, acrylic and plastic. The choice should be made ​​according to the use, with other bathroom furniture and your personal taste.

To give a touch of refinement, you can opt for pieces that contain fixtures. With them, the light directed at espelheira will make the difference in time for some tasks, like-makeup.

Attention to Size

The products have varying sizes, both in height and in width and depth. Before purchasing your piece, just measure the space you have available for installation.

If you do not have much familiarity with tools, consider hiring the work of a professional. He will know exactly where the wall is to be performed, according to the product size.

Already note an important tip: for the convenience of users, the espelheira should be approximately 30 cm above the bathroom cabinet.