Square Wall Clocks

A clock Geometric

This clock is composed of a multitude of colored squares, forming a main square to 89 cm square. By choosing the 3 possible colors to customize, you can bring out geometric patterns or create a gradient effect as you wish.

  • The effect made by this game of colors and patterns will make this clock a centerpiece of your interior that will attract attention.

The squares that compose it are in Plexiglas 3 mm thick and are fixed to the wall around the central mechanism.

  • Adhesives and mounting template provided allow youto set your clock in all simplicity . The main mechanism is fixed using a hook.

A customizable clock with 30 colors

The square customizable clock is configured on the site http://www.franciscogardening.com/station-style-wall-clocks/, from 119 euros. Guests can choose three colors that make up the top 30 recommended color on the color chart below:

3 Additional options allow you to change the color of the needles, to opt for a silent mechanism or send in a gift box.

Dice checkout, the clock will be custom made according to your customization choices, and will be shipped within 5-7 business days.