Steady Progress for iOS 8

It goes quietly forward in getting installed the update for iOS 8 on Apple’s mobile devices.

Once again, there is steady progress for iOS, there still will be installed on more and more devices. Latest version in the form of iOS 8 is now to be found on 68 percent of Apple’s iOS devices, and continuing the stable trend.

22. December measured Apple that 64 percent of iOS devices running on iOS 8, and the month before, it was 56 percent measured on 12. November.

At the same time showing Apple’s numbers, that iOS 7 is to be found in 29 percent of the devices around the world, while just 4 percent, is running on an earlier version of iOS. Total giving it 101 percent, but due to roundings in figures.

Latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, however, is still not as popular as iOS 7 was in the same period. At this stage in the life cycle of the 7s were iOS iOS 7 installed on an impressive 78 percent of iOS devices.