Stephen Elop Talks about The Future: The Nokia X Are “A Great Opportunity”

The process of acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services from Microsoft It ended last Friday, but there are still many outstanding questions about the future of current Nokia devices, among other things.

Just to clarify that and other questions Stephen Elop, new Microsoft Device Manager, organized a meeting of questions and answers Nokia Conversation blog, confirming the Steering, for now, will be active indefinitely. In this round of questions he could clarify some of the issues that arise after the completion of the procurement process.

Nokia X, which brand will have future smartphones?

For example, Elop said that “Microsoft Mobile Oy is not a brand that is going to be seen by consumers. The Nokia brand may be used by Microsoft for their phones for some time”, but he clarified that” work is for ” Select the brand of phones to be used from now onwards”.

Another of the interesting questions that was asked was the future of Nokia X devices based on a fork of Android and that the Microsoft services they are used instead of Google’s. Elop said the following:

Nokia X use Microsoft, not the Google cloud. This is a great opportunity to connect to new customers to Skype, and Onedrive first. We’ve seen tens of thousands of new subscribers to these services.

In a subsequent question, that Yes, commented that although today are taking advantage of AOSP to take advantage of a specific opportunity in the market, they are doing so “in a thoughtful way, in a way that allows benefit both Microsoft and the Lumia”.

Fending off criticism

It seems that applications that Nokia had integrated into its Windows Phone devices will follow this path: MixRadio, TV or Camera will continue to present in the future, said Elop, who also stressed that they will continue working on products – without which the capture of images remains “an important differentiator” for those devices to secure a future version of the 1020 Lumia-.

One of the participants in the round of questions strongly criticized management of Elop in front of Nokia accusing him to close the plant and make projects as Meltemi, Meego or Symbian they disappeared. Elop tried to be diplomatic and replied:

At the end of 2010 and during 2011 we carefully studied the State of efforts in terms of the internal OS of Nokia. Unfortunately, we could not see a way in which Symbian could be really competitive with the iPhone that had started to distribute three years earlier. Meego-related efforts were delayed and did not the perspective that came to cover a broad portfolio fast enough. We had to make a forced decision to achieve that Nokia had the opportunity to compete again.

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