Strengths and Weaknesses of the Apple Watch

Let’s start with the strengths of the connected watch that deserves to be perfectly integrated in the Apple environment. WatchOS is a promising system full of good finds like Glance, Touch Force or complications, such information to be displayed on the watch screen. The ability to customize its toquante, changing strap, time display, is as much pleasant little things that can help change the look of it without changing shows. The Apple Watch also becomes a remote control and it is easy to imagine in the future control their TV from it or speak it to interact with the TV or other connected objects of your daily (and it is expected ). Finally, even if the sensors are finally few, the watch is also a tracker of activity that will help you achieve your goals day after day.

As for weaknesses, the Apple Watch is not lacking. The first disappointment has its limitations as tracker activity. By default, the watch is not even able to say how many steps we have traveled in the day. Although Apple was pleased to offer 18 hours of autonomy for its shows (in reality it is even more), it’s still very low and it must never forget to take the charger if we hand weekend. Although already WatchOS evolve into a version 2.0 in September, currently the operating system is far from perfect, even if it is already successful. Finally, what about the slow opening applications on the watch that it is not uncommon to get his phone out of his pocket for quick access to an application, a height. These few teething problems are inhibiting the use of a watch connected every day at the moment.

Defects but seductive!

It is difficult to achieve on the first try and the perfect product Apple has not succeeded. Between autonomy that we can still improve, slow applications to open, still a young OS and almost useless activity implementation accompanying limited tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch does not lack faults. Yet Apple sign here first connected seductive shows that we all feel the potential for coming so we know to evolve in the right direction in Cupertino. With WatchOS 2, the watch should overcome some of the iPhone for example. People reluctant to buy the first version almost because as we feel that future models would bring more if Apple wants to remake his watch with the stroke of the iPhone or iPod, ie become a staple product, a master standard in its field. Appointment to the test of Apple Watch 2 whether Apple has retained the first lessons of its new bracelet watches launched on jibin123 . Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is definitely the best to date shows connected this young market known to gain weight in the future.