Suitable Pillow – an Important Piece of Equipment for a Comfortable Sleep

Also already happened to you that you are somewhere, perhaps on vacation, sleep poorly because of bad pillow? Or do you fit a business trip and leave your own pillow? Or fall asleep on any pillow?

Pillow is an important part of an outfit for a healthy and comfortable sleep. A suitable cushion allows proper and full abutment cervical spine while lying on his back and side. Choosing the pillow is an individual matter – someone has a rather more under the head, different suits rather sleep on a small pillow. Influence has the height and body type – the length of the neck or shoulder width apart. Other factors include the health status and, ultimately, even sleeping habits – what common position falling asleep and sleeping.

What types of pillows you choose?   

Most often around at home we have the classic pillow filled with hollow fibers possibly feathers. For such cushions it is ideal if they are provided with a zipper, and can thus regulate the amount of filling. Zippered cushion also allows for easier maintenance – washable so you can only “package” without charge. If you are satisfied with such a cushion, there is no reason to change it for another. However, if you are not satisfied or have problems with your neck, you need to look for a anatomic pillow.

Classical anatomical pillows most common shape of ripples from each side usually have different heights and can thus be used on both sides. The material is either a classical or viscoelastic foam – ie. Memory (lazy) foam, which reacts to the temperature and load, adapts to the body shape and is supported by a uniformly distributed pressure. This pillow is a good idea to try before you buy – pillows can have different sizes and you need to choose the right one. Very important is the quality of the materials from which it is made – grade material has much better elasticity and durability.

Very pleasant to lie on pillows are anatomical classic shape memory foam – eg. A pillow Celsio® Venus. The pillow is composed of two parts – packaging and filling. The packaging is made ​​from a memory foam containing cellulose and is provided with a zipper. Unique filling pillows are small pieces of memory foam mixed with ball hollow fiber. The hollow fiber pillow will give more fluffiness while retaining the properties of memory foam. The advantage pillows may control the amount of content – everyone can adjust the height of the cushions of your convenience. Pillow Cover is slightly elastic – in order to preserve its memory properties. And of course, the cover is removable and can be washed at 60 ° C.