Summer Plus Size Fashion Trends

The12th edition of the post were presented with the main trends for the summer.

Write down, the marked waist, colors, flowers, lots of leg and belly, are just some of the trends shown and that promise to make the greatest success among the chicks.

Who says black has to be the default color? No more disguise or hide anything, the watchword is to assume! Of course, if you accept and love the way it is, because, after all, who says you have to be thin to be beautiful and happy?

So, you know, change the black by vibrant colors, such as red that is the spitting image of the station, in addition to super sexy, everything to do with the hottest days of the year.

But the Navy should not be forgotten, as well as flowery prints.

Plus, knee-length skirts, waist well marked, transparency, and clippings … tummy out!

Yes, a little skin and daring has everything to do with summer, and the belly out enough to freshen up the looks of the most fat and pregnant too.

Plus Size Fashion Trends

Want to know what happened? Write it down and if you breathe in for upcoming purchases:


They, as expected, will be present in a variety of prints, and are the hottest stations of the year!

They can come in looks more marked, structured, or else free, giving it a more hip and youthful the look.


They come with everything, but instead of pants, will mark presence in cooler parts, like dresses and shorts.

The dresses will come with a wider modeling and without structuring, of course, anyone who wants to check the waist, just add a story to look.

The denim vest is also a strong bet, great for create overlaps more fresh.

Animal Print

And can prepare to unleash their beasts, because the animal print, which never goes out of style, will come with all the summer.

But before you came along with plain colors, the patterns now come with other fancy patterns, great for those who are not afraid to dare!

Colors of the Season

Forget the black … nothing hiding behind black clothes. The time is to play in vibrant colors, the man the station, such as Fuchsia and orange.

The insecure can bet in detail with these colors … to get started!

Extensive Modeling

Who likes to wear dresses can celebrate as they come super fresh and less adjusted to the body. Yes, prepare for many models in style.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a waist, even many parts come with a cord to be adjusted

Waist Marked

Certainly, the waist marked which is already a classic in plus size fashion, would not be left out, and the skirt wins among the trends.

And don’t think that is the long length that commands, in fact, is the midi or the short, which is informal if combined with cropped or a band t-shirt.

And for the evening, the model can still win several applications, such as lace and tulle

Navy Blue

If on the one hand the black will rest a little in next summer, on the other, the Navy Blue asks for passage, composing interesting looks with navy footprint, which is summer’s face.

The color also blends well in those more formal tops, visual events as on


And the dreaded red comes with everything too, in long, and come along with applications in black lace or flower in her hair.

But beware, for being super sexy, the tip is to let the color for dresses in longer lengths and with moderate necklines.

Black & White

The classic black and white won’t be left out, worth skirt, pants, dresses, all with prints in this pattern.


And the cropped will continue as hit at the next station, composing looks for pregnant or not, what counts is to show a bit of skin.

Bermuda jeans
Summer has everything to do with legs out, of course, the short jeans or shorts remains one of the favorite pieces.

For the plus size, the piece comes in medium length or to the knee, and snugly to the body.