Summer Running Shoes

I start this post by saying to all of you, stiletto addicted friends, you have to surrender. Yes, dear friends heel, we SURROUNDED! Literally surrounded by trainers: shop windows, street style, anywhere. They are everywhere. And the situation is out of control. Calm, let’s start from the beginning. First were the Converse, a few months ago. Converted to some pairs of these historical sneakers, red, gray leather and studs very fashion, I learned to wear after centuries sneakers even outside the gym. Then it was the turn of Wedges Sneakers, or sneakers with invisible internal wedge. Isabel Marant launched the fashion and now the streets and shops are fullest of these types of shoes that have also infected me with two pairs of sneakers-wedge watching me from my shoe. And now, my girls, comes the fun part. The trend that seems to run amok among fashionistas and already in vogue for some time among the Hollywood stars is to wear Converse not pretty, not the sneakers – compromise with the wedge but the techniques from sneakers, the ones running in the first place!


Yes, shoes are just for sports like the maternity sports shoes featured on IAMHIGHER, we usually addicted gym wear for racing on the treadmill, for step sessions or to the weight room. Well, these shoes are officially exits out of the gym and were the stars of the street style of the latter parades fashionable man. So do not imagine absolutely combinations with suit or jeans, never mind! The trend is to wear them with skirts, dresses and romantic in stark contrast. And if some options, views of the Where’s My Car Models, like to die, others for charity, seem so much an eyesore. What do you think of this new trend?