Swarovski Crystal Dog Bed

Dogs sleep in gilded beds studded with Swarovski crystals. After Paris Hilton and many other celebrities have imposed their pets like a living accessory that peering out of the bag them ours folk guttural quick to come up with this fashion trend and to film shoots, which pose with their small dogs. In fact, business accessories, clothes and houses for pets of celebrities has been quite profitable and designers invent all sorts of wonders to escape money obsessed their wealthy owners. Besides having branded clothing for puppies, Roberto Cavalli, for example, the market now offers royal throne for dogs. The throne was developed by designer Julia May & is studded with Swarovski crystals 16 (Russians say – diamonds poor) which you can order both white and black. Handmade chair is trimmed with soft padding for maximum comfort of the pet and fabric can be removed for washing.

However, if you’re into a more modern design and this throne comes too heavy for the interior, you can safely buy golden bed for your dog with contemporary design for the modest price of € 43,200. This will ensure that you are one of the 99 owners of the limited collection of B pet. Check Petwithsupplies.com for how to clean your dog beds. Your puppy will lie down on a bed of pure silk, and you will contemplate glare of 24-carat gold plated. That’s what it says dog’s life, is not it!?