Swimwear Tezuk Reviews

The collection of swimwear Tezuk for the ‘Summer 2015 is one of the most colorful and cheeky of the season, a line characterized by models in the most popular forms of the modern women and patterns to suit all tastes. The brand rewards for years a lively and aggressive mood, so in view of the warm months you think a rich selection of inspired bikinis to must-have more glamor of the moment.

Collections such as bathing costumes 2015 Bikini Lovers throw for the season the diktat of the models with colorful print, and Tezuk is one of the brands that interpret the trend in the most original way. The brand has always prefers to focus on very vivid creations, bikini bandeau and triangle models provided mainly in pastel or laminated clothes for fashionistas who love to dare.

Featured in the summer collection of Tezuk on two-piece costumes. Bikinis, as I looked forward to, are designed in the shape with higher-end piece that is so fashionable in recent years. Aligning itself to the style of collections such as swimsuits Verdissima for pregnant ladies – http://www.lawschoolsinusa.com/2016/03/27/swimwear-online-shopping/, also it has conceived Tezuk ultra modern and colorful versions: flipping through the pictures of our photo gallery you can see the bikini with solid entirely covered in sequins belt color or multicolor, next to the variants with the top piece and fully rolled lower, declined in shades of gold, silver and pastel shades brighter as the blue and pink.

Space also bandeau bikini by the imagination in shaded lines, to models with designs to abstract and geometrical or floral theme, as prescribed by the coolest trend for the season. Women who like to wear garments impossible to pass unnoticed, Tezuk devotes bikini fantasies animal: we speak of models from spotted or striped decoration, in versions with two pieces in a coordinated and in those with animal fascia and black slip contrasting.

The Triangle Bikini reproduce the same kind of colors and patterns, and are provided in conjunction with several heads of chic swimwear: the collection includes caftans with braces came down, models with full sleeves from crochet work, minidress strapless, playsuit in shades vitamin, pleated skirts andpants at the palace in the same palette gritty swimsuits.

Browse pictures of the costumes catalog Tezuk in our photo gallery, which is the most trendy model from the collection for Summer 2015,