Switel Champ S5003D in the Test

With Switel, a new smartphone manufacturer entering the local market. What has the cheap Champ S5003D on it, must show it in the test.

The brand of Swiss Telgo AG Switel is in this country hardly known. This should change with the Smartphone Champ S5003D slim 180 euros MSRP.

To thin case, fine display

The Champ S5003D provides a chic first impression in his total properly processed gold plastic housing. With its rounded edges, the Smartphone lies comfortably in the hand of the user. However, this knows at any time that the material is simple plastic. Joined to working out, and again a discreet creaking, and also the display cover has got too thin. A gentle pressure is sufficient and already appear unsightly moire on the screen. Here, some more material would have worked wonders.

The 5-inch display, however, you like: with true HD resolution 720 x 1280 it offers pixels and with 378 cd/m2 for this price class also has a good brightness. The presentation is impeccable, the contents appear sufficiently sharp.

Lean facilities

Few surprises can be reported by the facilities front. The Switel offers only the usual bread and butter based functions. That do – expect no quick ac Wi-FI or even NFC for this money free. But that lacks even quad-band UMTS, is annoying. Take photos of the camera also only maue photos. For this, the most important standards for fast mobile Internet are dominated with LTE and HSPA +. Only luxury features are the FM radio and the dual-SIM feature, which can be easily be configured in the settings menu.

The entry-level variant MT6735P from the House of Mediatek is used as a platform. For the standard features of a Smartphone, the quad core CPU at 1 GHz enough clock speed and 1 GB memory. Don’t expect but marvelous things in terms of performance the switel. Also with memory, the Swiss Smartphone too: only 4 GB are available internally for the users, via the MicroSD card slot under the back of the plastic of course can be extended.

Little stamina, strong reception

Endurance measurements, no joy in the connect lab came up: while the reached almost 18 hours in GSM use at the talk time in order to go, five hours in UMTS mode are very weak. Also the 5:46 hours in the practical operation of mixing are anything but laudable.

Significantly better – namely very well – it looks for the transmission and reception properties. In all three categories, the Champ S5003D delivered strong results and also for use in weaker covered rural areas is advisable. The acoustics on the phone is decent.


Simply it will not have Switel: the competition is great in the cheap segment – and often provides more for similar money.