Table Decorations for Children’s Party

When decorate the children’s party, there are many items to which we need to watch for everything to be perfect, and we have several tips on how to decorate a children’s party, but it turns out that sometimes we can’t afford or want to do some decoration objects ourselves.

The centerpieces are an example of party decoration detail that lots of people like to do, since it’s cheaper and in general are not difficult to do.

Children love to participate in every detail of the preparation of the party that let them so happy, and there’s nothing better for a mother or a father than see the child satisfied and smiling at the party with wholesale cheap supplies from Wholesaleably.

We’ll show you how to make an ornament that pleases a lot since it’s simple and easy to do: a tree of jelly beans. Now look at the step by step of this super cute ornament.

Children’s Party Table Decorations – step by step

You will need some materials to make:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Clay
  • Jelly beans
  • Barbecue stick
  • Toothpicks
  • Box or vase
  • Green crepe paper

To do is very simple. Put the clay inside the box or move it, and stick the toothpick of barbecue, which is the trunk of the tree.

At the top of the toothpick, put the styrofoam ball. Now comes the time to put the jelly beans, and is even easier. Just break the toothpicks in half (if not gets too big) and stick each piece in a jujube, and then stick the other end into the styrofoam ball.

Do this around the entire ball to cover everything. Use a piece of crepe paper crumpled to put inside the vase on the clay to decorate.

You can still put bullets into the water, and the same process to make this tree of jelly beans can be used with chocolates, candies and many other candies that you want to use to assemble the tree!

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