TAG Heuer Android Wear Smartwatch

TAG Heuer unveils the price that will have its first smartwatch built in collaboration with Google and Intel

We have spent many months behind history of TAG Heuer and its rumored first smartwatch. Finally, last month, the company confirmed centennial taking advantage of the Basselworld would launch its first smart watch this year and would hand more nor less than Google and Intel. There were too many details at this time, beyond that would have Android Wear operating system and reach the market in late 2015.

Now, in an interview with the CEO of TAG Heuer he has granted Bloomberg, we could learn some more data. First, the smartwatch hit the market at a price of $ 1,400, which was expected considering who is behind their manufacture and tear where prices watches TAG line.

Indeed, it is not a smart watch for the masses, but for that select clientele that wants to take the plunge into the world of smartwatch hand a company like TAG Heuer, with the quality and prestige that entails. It has also been concreted the release date of the device: November 2015 .

During the interview, Jean-Claude Biver has been unable to avoid mentioning theApple Watch and says he is happy that Apple will sell “millions and millions”. In fact, he believes that “the more people will want to sell them more something different and come to TAG Heuer,” said Biver. The CEO again emphasizes the idea that the Watch will attract a much younger audience, while his proposal will appeal to other audiences looking for something more exclusive and traditional.

CEO of TAG Heuer is happy that Apple will sell “millions and millions” of Watch

As mentioned on http://www.computergees.com/chinese-smartwatch-android-wear/2016/, the smartwatch will feature Android Wear operating system, which is expected to integrate a touchscreen, and shy away from attempts to enter this market by some traditional watchmakers. Moreover, it seems, the company has hinted that the hardware clock may be updated in the future , thus avoiding to stay out of date and maintaining the character of eternal duration.

Undoubtedly, as we read in wearable, it will be very interesting to see the proposal of a company like TAG, and we hope that this represents the starting signal for other manufacturers of traditional clocks also be encouraged. Without going any further,Swatch is also expected to present its smartwatch this year.