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Accessories for the Holidays

Accessories for use at the end of year.

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Gloves and Wool Socks for Winter

Check here on the blog These and other tips about gloves and wool socks for winter.Are gorgeous models and tips to get Warm on colder days.

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Sunglasses Summer: Pictures and Models

When you think of trends for summer, soon comes to mind clothes and shoes. But what about the accessories? Bags, jewelry and costume jewelry, hats and glasses.The attachment can not miss, if it is well chosen becomes the highlight of the look.The … Continue reading

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Maxi Handmade Necklace

How To Make Handmade Necklace Maxi–Step By Step The maxi necklaces are accessories that since I entered the sets don’t seem to get out more. Whether in summer or in winter, they always take place guaranteed in feminine looks, especially for … Continue reading

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Black and White Use and Abuse

Whether using the look on walls, furniture, cushions, rugs or even accessories, the black and white striped is certainly something out of time, offering a very interesting effect when it is used most of the time. The stripes can stretch the environments, thus drawing … Continue reading

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Adidas Women’s Handbags Bags

Everyone already knows that the quality of the Adidas handbags is simply unmatched, as these arrive with perfect finish, and first-class materials.

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The Matching Accessories to Your Basics

Noble tuning: Metallic luster makes bags and shoes glitter XXL handbag made of plaited leather by Gerry Weber Bags, approx. 90 Euro. Roman sandals in gold by flip flop, about 100 euros. Beigefarbenes Babydoll: Whyred.

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Gaucho Female Hat

Today many brands bet on the gaucho women’s hat models, and they appear in many colors, and with materials that really give a special touch to the models. And these are part of men’s clothing, usually made in rabbit hairs or … Continue reading

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Fashion Beach Bags Models

Creativity is not lacking for the models of beach bags 2014, because they arrive in absurdly beautiful versions that end up giving a special complement to the beach looks. And feeding the female vanity is very much along with the practicality … Continue reading

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Flag T-Shirts, How to Use, Where to Buy, Prices, Tips

Flag T-Shirts, How To Use, Where To Buy, Prices–Tips From Looks Of Flag T-Shirt

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5 Wallet Storing Wage in

It’s the solution! Thus, more focus on the wallet than usual, although perhaps foremost, the content of which is interesting on a day like this. I picked out five wallets from the Swedish shopping if you feel the need to update the … Continue reading

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