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Wallpaper Hd

The HD Wallpaper is a great template for you to make your computer even more interesting than it already is. So keep an eye on these issues, in today’s post we will present many beautiful and interesting models as well. Many look for models in HD because they have the resolution much more perfect than we imagine. […]

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Wallpaper of São Paulo Photos

It is always good to change the look of our home from time to time or at least in our bedroom, which is also an environment that needs to be highlighted from time to time.When it comes to decorations, millions of ideas appear in our heads, especially when you are a team fanatic, since they […]


Wallpaper: the Best of Decoration

Wall papers are a trend for those who have little money to change the decor of their home. Different from what many people think the wallpapers are not only restricted to the ambiance of the room, but they can compose the decoration in various environments of the house and with prices lower than you would pay […]

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Wallpapers for Office

If you are interested in decorating your office and looking for a simple, effective, quick and inexpensive alternative, then you have to invest in Office Wallpapers, even more so because they are perfect for you who want to give a new face to the environment. There are so many role models that it’s hard to choose […]

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Geek Decor: Ideas and Inspirations!

If you are truly a fan of books, movies, series and games already must have felt over at splash of heart the desire to have a unique item that made allusion to the geek world. A doormat with the illustration of the game Pac-Man, pads that represent keys on the computer, with illustrations of characters in comics or […]

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Black and White Use and Abuse

Whether using the look on walls, furniture, cushions, rugs or even accessories, the black and white striped is certainly something out of time, offering a very interesting effect when it is used most of the time. The stripes can stretch the environments, thus drawing all the attention to itself, and so it is interesting to be careful not to […]

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Decoration Ideas for Girl’s Room

Tips for decorating a girl’s bedroom. If you think about renovating your little daughter’s room, you know how difficult this job can be, especially if space is small and does not allow for much change. Here are some interesting decoration solutions, where you can enjoy all the spaces well.