Tailored Cotton Trousers

Uddabyxor in cotton need not mean moleskin, corduroy or denim. Or thin sommarchinos for that matter. Manolo promotes the well-fitted cotton pants.

For those who want a more casual alternative to suit pants that are a little more elegant than jeans, this type of cotton pants unbeatable. Some call them vinterchinos, but apart from this summer’s hottest days suitable these actually all year without being neither too warm or cold. Then there’s the obvious benefit to the vast majority of cotton pants can be washed in the machine.

Even stylistically, this type of material are grateful to wear to uddabyxor. The material is equally suitable for heavy tweedkavajer as lighter vårkavajer in cotton and linen. For example, wear a pair of trousers in tweed to a thin bomullskavaj will klädselns weight end up in the legs, which rarely is particularly flattering. Now, there are always exceptions, but generally it is better to choose a blazer in the heavier material than the pants. The heavier the material’s quality is more important that your pants are neat waist so as not to be perceived as drawl.

Important to keep in mind is that coarser cotton grades have a tendency to stretch pretty much after use. Some advocates to go down a size against their usual. Personally I think it is best to choose a size that sits neatly from the beginning and then possibly adjust your pants in amending the tailor after a period of use. For it is always a hazard to guess how and which parts of the pants that will stretch.

Two pair in Navy Blue and Brown provides a good basis to be able to combine with the rest of the closet. On skosidan makes these pants as good for dressy boots as more casual chukka boots in suede.

Navy Blue pants Antichi Telai (his next door). Brown pants Incotex (Gabucci).