Test: A-Jays Five

Jays updates its popular headphone model Four, where button hysteria feels like the biggest news.

Better sound and better microphone are some of the main features of the A-Jays Five, the sequel to the company’s popular stereo headset A-Jays Four. We had no direct complaints to its predecessor in terms of what it actually cost, but at the same time, we don’t really hear any vast improvement when listening to music in the sequel. They we’re talking with seems not to like the sound shows little difference either when we compare.

Instead, it features around it which is a little more spectacular. Instead of splitting functions between the corded remote cleaning three buttons is the volume on each button to raise and lower, while the Center button does not have less than seven functions. Manage call and play/pause seems logical. Double-and triple-clicks to cycle forward or backward through the songs feels cluttered and then you still have the ability to control the voice search by pressing and holding the button for two seconds.

The headset is available in three models for Ios, Windows Phone and Android, but it is only the latter that endowed with an app where you can modify the buttons ‘ functions one. It should rather be the default for all three systems can seem.

On the whole, though, it’s all about a good pair of headphones for the price, although it is a little higher than what you find in the Four-model for now.


Name: A-Jays Five

Type: Cord bound stereo headset

Color: Black, white

Frequency response: 18-23, 000 Hz

Connection: 3.5 mm