Test: Apple iPad Mini Retina

Faster and sharper but not much more has been updated in the new version of the mini iPad.

It was not hard to when the first iPad Mini launched guess the next version would be endowed with a Retina display. It required no genius to predict that this would also be a faster processor and better 4 g support. So here it is now. Compared to when big Ipad got better screen resolution in the form of a retina display, it is several things are different now. First and foremost, it’s about the apps that will make the new Retina screen fair are already in place. The resolution of the screen in the new Ipad Mini is the same as on the large Ipad with retina display, so all applications that can take advantage of the larger screen resolution, is ready for the new Ipad Mini. Considerably better position then.

The same number of pixels
With the Ipad Mini Retina has the same number of pixels as the screen of the larger Ipad Air also has a higher pixel density. It is thus more pixels per inch and above all it is text with its fine details that look much better on the new Ipad Mini than on the old version without the Retina. Retina screen we had so clearly wished that it was there right from the launch of the Ipad Mini for your screen resolution is such that it is difficult to go back to a device with fewer skärmpa once looked at the details of a retina display. An older Ipad Mini has a quarter as many pixels, and it is perhaps not so that it reacts to the vertices in the graphics and lack of details when you first use it. However, it’s easy to notice the shortcomings when comparing side-by-side with a retina display and even after when once made aware of them. In comparison, see paragraphs that show mobile coverage suddenly ragged and dirty, as they are printed in a morning paper and ink as well as seepage. Same thing with the text, although it is not as clear. The text seems a victim of any form of typographical errors, but back now to the Ipad Mini with retina display, for which it is hard to complain about the sharpness. However, this is nothing unique. Google’s flat in the same size class, the new Nexus 7 has almost the exact same pixel density, so it delivers a similar experience at this point. Something that still speaks clearly to the Ipad advantage, however, is the number of apps. Android may have gone on in total number of Ios apps, but when it comes to the applications that are suited to the screens in tablet form, it is a clear victory Ipad and Ipad Mini takes home in comparison with all Android tablets. Just tiles in sjutumsformatet can be relatively painless to run phone applications when it comes to Android, but the advantage of custom apps is still large and speaks for Ipad. Last Apple reported it which was in October in conjunction with the launch of the Ipad Mini Retina sas there are 475 000 apps designed for Ipad, and it is many times more than what Android has to offer. IPad and Android tablets can run telephone adapted apps, but the Ipad mini’s case makes Retina that apps becomes a little blurred, hantiga in detail because the resolution adapted for the Iphone is not enough on this larger screen.

Limitations in the system
Criticism against Apple and Ios is directed above all to often it is so locked. For example, to send files between units have the easiest way was to simply email the file and take the detour via the internet, but limits makes even then the fact that you in the Ipad and Iphone, for that matter, do not have the same access to the filesystem and file types such as Android provides. One might think that it is an advantage that it is limited because it limits the number of choices and makes the menu system automatically becomes more pared-down but of course it still lacks the ability to choose for yourself. Especially in the Ipad, which increasingly is meant to replace a laptop, these limitations to annoy. Apple’s solution to this, that at the same time to ensure that you never need to sync their devices without always has access to everything in all devices called Icloud. For contacts and calendar works it painless, but you should share your files to anyone who is not as insyltat in Icloud will make it fast, rigid, for all Apple’s solution is based on that not only do you only use Apple products but also the ones you hang out and work on. Sure you can understand that Apple when they have control over the entire flow from the device to the software and the kit in between can offer flexible services but they are also somewhat limited. With your Android phone in combination with your Ipad Mini, you are quite limited when it comes to the exchange of information.

However, you want to share files between an Ipad and an Iphone, you can now do so by using the new function Airdrop. You enable it in both the Ipad and Iphone, and then navigate to the file you want to send over. It can be a picture, a video, a URL or a location on the map, to name but a few. Then you choose to share it, and then click Airdrop to then get to select recipients and confirm. The transfer is done using the wlan and bluetooth, but the units handle this themselves, so you do not need to be connected to a wlan when you transfer. The transmission is smooth, but as I said, limited to only Ios devices and also to a few file formats because Ios possibly on good and evil do not have a transparent file system.

IOS 7 is easier
IPad Mini Retina comes of course with Apple’s new operating system, and in the flat I test, it is Ios 7.0.4 installed. What it says is that Apple then Ios 7 was released last summer sent out four smaller small updates that fix bugs in the system. Basically feels Ios especially designed for phones. There is very little that separates the Ios on Iphone from Ios in the Ipad and the main differences are marginal changes to the layout. Given the phone and Tablet’s various uses, I would welcome it if the big screen at the plate, especially in sleep mode, could do more than simply show icons for the programs you installed. I see though Ios 7 as an improvement over earlier and thought to remove shadows, surfaces that mimic leather and felt in favor of something simpler and more pared down is welcome. It removes distractions and lets you focus more on the content.

Hard-and software
Design of software is now hand-in-hand with the design of the device itself, i.e. the hardware. Most obviously, it is perhaps in the Iphone 5 c, but a detail you might notice is that the white Ipad when it starts has a white and a black laddskärm the black. It is thus up more now than in the past. Much longer than that, however, does not extend the adaptations. Hardware wise has not received updated design Ipad Mini, but the buttons are still in metal in the same color as the rest of the shell and it is even so that the new version of the Ipad Air is blessed with the same characteristics and to rounded edges. The same design for both Air and Mini have Apple’s new cover in leather and they are smart because the drive lights up at the same time as you fold the cover for the screen. A little worse stay in its function as a desktop stand, however, cover a given that the husk now also covers the back of the unit in leather and protects it.

Turbo Huey
There is no doubt that the Ipad Mini is fast. Mobile phones as well as tablets, can never be too fast. Just in the same way as the screen’s sharpness is speed something you quickly get used to. Especially when starting various demanding applications is noticed much difference. I try, for example, clicking off the game GTA Vice City and as a result, the old Ipad Mini shows a black screen for several seconds before it even shows signs of starting the game and at the same time, new Ipad with Retina have already show a good bit of introscenerna. When the Ipad Mini Retina finished loading the old Ipad Mini more than ten seconds left before it reached the same point.
Performance is clearly visible even when to install new apps. In Ios7 symbolized the installation of that icon whose applications are installed partially shaded and slice of cake in a circle is filled until the app is downloaded and ready to run. This can be tough in old Ipad, but it goes so fast in the Ipad Mini that we hardly think of it. Performance difference in other apps are less apparent. To launch Safari, Spotify, Ibooks, Appstore or Facebook will not result in any significant differences. Nor once you started a demanding game, and inside of the plot is so clear, but it is as I said a few times that the performance difference is definitely noticeable.

Don’t talk Swedish
IOS 7 in their Ipadutgåva also offer Siri, Apple’s röstyrda Assistant, but for it to work, you must go into the settings and turn it on. She still does not understand Swedish, so you have to speak English, which obviously limits the usefulness of the whole thing. More benefits of Iwork and Ilife then; the program packages of apps that now included free if you bought a new Ios device. Apple could easily bid for apps because they bring in good revenue to the units they sell, in this case, the Ipad, and it is clear that the apps in a good way showing what was actually going to do with your new Ipad Mini Retina.

Real 4 g
Than the clearer the news if you have chosen the Ipad Mini with Retina with sim card slot and connection via 4 g. Allows your subscription so you can probably speed up browsing through it than wlanet at home and when I run broadband check that app in the Ipad Mini Retina will I set up in more than 60 Mbit per second on Södermalm in Stockholm. It is sufficient, in other words, happy to whether you want to listen to Spotify, access documents in Icloud, stream video from Netflix or do any other data intensive on-the-go.Today, we have more and more of the content we consume directly from the internet without storing it on the drive first, but Ipad Mini Retina can you nevertheless choose storage from 16 up to 128 GB if you want it.

Succinctly delivering Ipad Mini Retina that you are and have, in practice, few competitors that can seriously compete in more than a couple of areas.