Test: Asus Transformer Book T100

T100 is a real Windows PC, which can be a tablet. Considering the price, we simply have to check out.

Four thousand bucks? For a real laptop with snorbra battery life and weighing type almost nothing at all? When the category of netbooks showed up in our minds a few years ago, it was something like where it sounded. Then it was about Intel and their new Atom processor that could boast with both a low price, and extremely low power consumption. Even then led Asus Eee PC sjutumsdatorn train with and shortly thereafter had every producer a whole series of netbooks in its range.

When the novelty faded, however, many realized that they got what they paid for, particularly when it came to performance, then the Atom chips at that time could hardly drag around Windows XP. This meant that many users were disappointed that their brand new computer was tough and blunt and together with tablet boom 2010 died segment out pretty fast. For those who knew what they gave in on and expected to have sacrifice some performance for something that, with the passage of the measure, were extremely portable and with unbeatable battery life for a relatively small coin (at that time, it was really only luxury computers above 20 000-kronorsstrecket that could boast of decent battery life).

Time has moved on, water has run under the bridge and many who buy computers today looking rather at ultrabooks if they want portability. The battery life is of high level and this time is also the performance of the train, even if the price tag may not always be so appealing.

Four thousand bucks? For a tablet with actual Windows, Office included, decent battery life and weighing type almost nothing at all?Jupp, tone when Asus T100 appeared on the market are very similar to those voiced around the beginning of the netbook era and of course we were curious.

Just like Asus Android tablets in Transformer series are T100 gifted with a doll containing the keyboard and a USB 3.0 plugin. Unlike Androidplattorna contains the dock no extra battery, but all that is needed is sitting in the tablet. The plate itself is a tiotummare with affordable resolution (1366 x 768) on the dainty 550 grams, which together with the doll’s timing in at a few grams over a kilo. The compact size makes it lighter than most laptops at the same time, which constantly recurs in our ways of thinking during the test, the only cost four thousand bucks including doll.

Plate charges via micro-USB, which makes charging extremely much smoother than that of a standard laptop, and even if we never comes up in Asus promised 11 hour battery time is one working day with light work usually no major problems.

The construction is made of plastic, but still of surprisingly high quality consistently seen to the price tag. Clicking in the plate in the doll poses no problems and if you just are aware that the keyboard is slightly shrunk to fit on the right surface there is never any problems typing on the other hand, the Mouse pad is … big Achilles ‘ heel.Gestures with multiple fingers works great on full sized mouse plates, but here we can quickly turn off most of them to be able to use the plate somewhat makes sense because of its smaller size. Plate seems to also go down to sleep very often, so after a minute writing it often takes two “moves” across the plate before it actually moves the mouse cursor. Natural clicks with the plate is also so loud that we wonder if the plate is about to go broke.

It works of course!

However, the touch screen works flawlessly on, although we are happy to skip over it when Windows 8.1 throws out us in desktop mode (which is where we end up all the time because extremely few programs are suited for touch screen and touch screen interface).Touch screen, low resolution and a tiotumsskärm is also a very bad recipe to get the Windows desktop to function optimally, so in most cases end up Tablet sits docked in the keyboard and only disconnected when the feature should be displayed for curious spectators.

When it comes to performance, you get what you pay for, of course. Apps in the Metro interface have time you brew a pot of coffee before they start, while standard Windowsappar, job and surf understandably takes a little longer than a tablet or a sturdier Windows computer. But you’re only aware that not everything will go in a Flash it works actually unexpectedly good running Windows 8.1 on a modern Atom processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. You certainly need to beware of what you download and install, since the total amount of storage space is located at 64 gigabytes and can only be expanded using a micro-SD card slot. Just over half of the hard disk space is available to the user after Windows Setup has had their say, making sure you get to economize resources pretty much.

The price tag of course puts a spanner in the works for many requests with the T100, but small details like full sized HDMI port instead of then as there is now, an extra USB port on the plate and slot for a full-sized SD card had been sitting very nicely. On the whole, we still really impressed of what Asus craftsman together with the T100 and if we, with a tight budget in mind, would be looking for a tablet with a little better opportunities to actually work rather than entertainment consumption would T100 extremely interesting alternative to the Ipad and Android tablets.

Questions and answers

But it does not have Windows bad support for apps now?
Windows RT, i.e. “surfplatteversionen” of Windows is the Windows 8 is actual Windows with the same support applications that your regular computer … even if Microsoft’s own deal for the whole thing is still a disaster.

Office included, you mean something taffligt Works system then?
Nope, it’s the actual Office 2013 fortunately. Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook in their full versions.

But 64 gigabytes will not far on?
Nah, where you learn to use Skydrive or Dropbox if you want a little more flexible space.

Test chart
Then the camera is only for video calls, we have not taken any test image.

Games obviously have no more space on the T100, if you don’t like older games. Many classics from the 1990s is now free or available in compatible variants of retro dealer as Gog.com and the like. The games often take up very little space and system requirements are often more than sufficient for them to be able to run full out.

Boot directly to the desktop
Microsoft would, of course, you should rerun the touchscreen interface in Windows 8, but in Windows 8.1 have they fixed so that you can avoid it. In desktop mode, right-click on the desktop, select Properties, go to the navigation and check “to go to the desktop instead of the start screen when I log in” so you avoid the so far limited the touchscreen interface a bit.

Bring back the start button
Do you want to have back the classic start button in Windows? Microsoft itself offers no such options yet, but by downloading add-in that Classic Shell or Start8 (free and five dollars), you can recover the familiar start menu on the Windows desktop mode.
An alternative: More money, more performance
Of course, you get a lot more if you spend a lot more money. But can you think of to double the purchase price gives the Asus own TX300 you on paper, huge performance increases and plenty more hard disk space with the same type of form factor (fixed in 13-” frame).