Test: Belkin Yourtype Folio for Ipad Mini

Folio for Ipad Mini keeps the price low at the expense of feeling.

Keyboard skins are a touchy subject where you as a user must know that you are getting enough back for sacrificing the agility as an Ipad with a thinner Shell offers. Belkin Folio-shell does indeed very right on the paper with magnets, fake leather and detachable keyboard with many charms.

The downside becomes clear only when you put an Ipad in the shell. The whole building feels as if it were made of a very thin fabric and thus becomes quite flimsy. That fine idea with detachable keyboard is also on the feedback because the keyboard must be removed to access the various settings for the connection. With the keyboard fast becomes the design immediately very unstable and tend to fall together if you use it for a skumpigare train ride or similar.

Belkin has tried to do everything smoothly and they have many good ideas here, but unfortunately they do not work in practice, although the price tag makes it very attractive anyway.