Test: Butterfly Smartphone Adapter

Are you really interested in birds would you like to be able to shoot what you see in your spotting scope.

Anyone who tried to keep the phone’s camera at tubkikarens eyepiece to snap a picture know that yesterday, but cumbersome is right. This is where Butterfly Smartphone Adapter comes in.

It is a holder where you attach your phone, which you in turn draws on the spotting scope to fit your phone’s camera to the eyepiece. It is a solid construction made of aluminium and with solid screws to hold it all. The first time you should set screws for your mobile, it can be a bit fiddly. Four rubber screws holding the cell phone on the ground, and although there are holes for mobiles in all sizes, it can be quite tricky to find a setting where rubber screws do not press any of the buttons on the phone.

Once that is done, it is surprisingly easy to push into mobile, and tighten the screws so that they fit right. A quick attach mounting to the tube so that you can quickly get on the adapter but still look in the eyepiece when the cell phone is not plugged in.

Note, however, that the mount is on the verge of too small to be able to draw in a zoomokular. The manufacturer specifies the interval 30-60 mm for suitable eyepieces. It is not entirely certain that either your phone or spotting scope fits to the adapter, but it does have a sturdy and functional construction.