Test: Jabra Solemate Mini

Little Solemate Mini from Jabra is a competent bluetooth speaker. But don’t expect that you will fall backwards by the sound quality.

With dimensions of 125 x 53 x 60 mm and a weight of 295 grams is Jabra Solemate Mini perfectly to have a day at the beach or at the after party.

The pairing between your Ios device and mini speaker is very easy and smooth. With the speaker properly connected, we have managed to listen out loud out around five hours of streaming music out of it, which is really good. Another feature that is surprisingly handy is that you can use Solemate Mini speaker phone when it’s paired with your Iphone.

Which speaker is Solemate Mini competent, but never impressive. The base is really good considering the mini format may — but sound would have liked to have got to be more full-bodied with a greater frequency range when it comes to the tweeter and midrange.

Another disadvantage is the price. Approximately SEK 900 is the right juicy. We had also avoided hearing the basey male voice that tells you when the mini speaker paired with your device.


Name: Jabra Solemate Mini

Function: Battery-powered bluetooth speaker