Test: Kensington Keycover

Kensington Keyboard plate is as luxurious as it is disturbing.

Handsome, grey aluminium. Black rubberized plastic. Smart parking device. There are a lot of Kensington Keyboard plate which is nice and with all the buttons hidden inside the shell becomes the outside really clean and neat.

On the inside, it could have been cleaned up so that the buttons for power and mating merged, but otherwise we don’t have much to complain about appearance. The iPad is shot in the notch and supported up by a plastic flap that automatically jumps on site at the touch of a button.

The buttons themselves are somewhat harsh, but provides good response in writing. The amount of special keys feels even the fully sufficient to cover the usual needs. The main drawback is the frame that goes around the entire keyboard and acts a protective case when transporting. It often comes in the way of writing and makes occasional that we click errors. Dreary in an otherwise nice shell.