Test: Life Proof Nuud for Iphone 5

Life proof supple and water-resistant shell has lost the protective film on the front, but put on extra fat instead.

Life proofs Fri-shell is something of a favorite on the editors, then you get both water resistance and shock protection in a surprisingly smooth shell. For some, however, it is a bit of a problem that the screen loses some degree of sensitivity with the protective plastic film Fri hit. The Ipad has Life proof had model Nuud out there for a long time now. It provides water resistance even though the screen is not protected by a plastic film, which is achieved by rich liquid protection around the screen instead.

Now also available for Iphone 5 Nuud, with both the absence of plastic film over the screen as a clever “leash” for headphone plug (which otherwise disappeared in time and out of season). Home button still covered by the shell, but the screen itself is freed (However, it is a screen protector if you still would like to have some anti-scratch).

The functionality is there still no error, but the shell withstands definitely water. The disadvantage vis-à-vis Fri-model is, however, a very high frame around your phone’s screen. It gives you a little bit harder to hit the keys on the screen and a lot of problems with pulling up the toolbar introduced in Ios 7. At the same time, we can not claim to screen the film at Fri disturbed us very much, so I feel a bit like Nuud unfortunately a step back in the development.


Name: Life Proof Nuud for Iphone 5

Dimensions: 137, 5×67, 1 x 12, 9 mm

Weight: 27.2 g

Water resistance: 2 meters in 1 hour

Dust-and water assurance: IP68