Test: Lifeproof Fri for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you do not want to make the trade-off between Galaxy S4 and S4 Active, you can always buy a waterproof Shell to the earlier and get some extra protection to your purchase.

It’s a pretty annoying trade-off. Galaxy S4 with most Samsung can offer, or a technically slightly impaired Galaxy S4 with water resistance in the form of S4 Active. Do you want to keep the built-in thermometer and the better camera that S4 offers against its water-resistant sister model is Lifeproof Fri a sensible option.

Lifeproof has already had success to the Iphone and Ipad, and now it is time also for Samsung devices. Shell in question protects a lot from shocks, dust and dirt, but parade branch is that it is water resistant to 2 metres in one hour. Although this does not build the shell something extremely in size around the phone, which is common for waterproof shell.

Unlike the Iphone models available of course sealed perforations for the IR eye and a little differently placed microphones. At the same time composed the cover for the headphone jack of a rubber stopper on the string rather than the plastic screw that the shells had in the past.

Simply an awesome skins for you to protect your phone a bit extra, or just get yourself a cheap way to take underwater pictures.


Name: Lifeproof Fri for Samsung Galaxy S4

Dimensions: 148x81x15.2 mm

Weight: 46 grams

IP rating: IP68

Water resistance: 2 meters in 1 hour