Test: Logitech Keyboard Folio Ipad

Logitech Keyboard Folio Ipad is comfortable to type on, but is at the same time all of space.

I may have misunderstood the concept but in my opinion is one of the most important properties of a portable bluetooth keyboard that is light and flexible. That’s the point of the Ipad as it is to be used with, you don’t have to lug around with you a large laptop backpack. The advantage of taking the Logitech Keyboard Folio right very dead on.4: an Ipad for plastic/rubber rim to hold it in place weighs the complete package a lot. But even greater problem is that the keyboard’s design makes it very thick in the drop zone location.

However, there are some gains with the design. Although the keyboard is rather plasticky and fladdrig basically, it is relatively stable when the plate is in place, and because it can be folded over the keyboard with the screen facing up, you do not need to låssa plate to be lying in your lap. The generous size of the magnetic field above the keys, which ensure that the plate doesn’t slip off, do you have a certain freedom with the angle without having to extend the small weird tabs. At the same time makes it unfortunately you can’t have plate docked in portrait mode.

The main advantage is that the keys are large and fairly comfortable to type on. On the whole, however, it is a small gain if you look at how much space you get to sacrifice in the bag.