Test: Logitech Keyboard Folio Mini

Large and unwieldy, but it’s at the same time, it is the strength of this keyboard cover.

It’s not all that easy to write longer texts on the Ipad screen keyboard, hence the market for physical keyboard for tablets. You have with you an Ipad Mini, which it applies in this case, perhaps above all, because it is convenient and easy to carry.

A large unwieldy keyboards is in that sense a drawback that must be offset by it really makes it faster and easier to write. This keyboard does look a bit like a hardcover book and communicates with the plate via bluetooth. I learn quickly to type faster on the keyboard than on screen keys so it is clear that it adds something. AAO are and the whole creation feels stable and magnets keep the pad in place in the correct position. The size of the entire universe gives you a slightly curled position for your hands, but that’s the price we must pay to the keyboard should not be larger than the actual Ipad Mini. You do not have the same AutoCorrect as you type with a physical keyboard, but on the other hand, it’s easier to pick the right key on the physical keyboard and the text which, of course, I typed on the keyboard in question did I with only three less korrfel because I missed any key. It may be designated as approved.