Test: Lumia 625

Great camera and small screen. So can you hair pulled summarize Nokia mobile phones that been out for the last time. Lumia 625 surprises.

This is how great that Windows Phone will be to seriously compete with Giants Ios and Android. Apputbudet has now reached the critical level in order to achieve it, yes it is what Microsoft themselves say exactly in the same period as I test the Lumia 625. The starting point is so clear that Instagram released for Windows Phone and at the same time also Vine and Google’s navigation app Waze where you yourself can participate and report map updates and traffic obstruction to other users. Flipboard app will be coming soon also, particularly welcome on a phone like this one with a little more screen real estate.

Is it bad to Lumia 625 cannot be blamed on a poor apputbud in all cases. The price tag is the first thing you must like to Lumia 625.Nokia has recently been successful mainly by its cheaper phones that despite cheap price yet delivers a smartphone upplevelse. There is, of course, social networking, apps, browser, email, maps, and everything else you would expect, or if you haven’t been inside the smartphone world before; will be pleasantly surprised.

Which smartphone is the home screen with boxes that define the Windows Phone and Lumia 625 is no exception to that. The idea is to avoid having to click into the app after app and instead get information aggregated in one place. This is most evident in the contact list that retrieves your friends ‘ information, photos, status updates and the like from various social networks.

Features and apps
Voice control features in Windows Phone, but it does not work on Swedish and when I try a number of times in English, they have big problems to do any of it I ask it about. The difference from what both Apple and Google are offering in their phones is very large. In Windows Phone seems to every command I give the result in a Web search on the phrase and not the phone actually seeking, for example after a pizzeria nearby. Sometimes it even worse and when I say “Call Anders” interprets the phone it as “sex on dash” which, in turn, sends me to the browser where my “settings for” Bing safe search “means that no search hits can be displayed.

Nokia offers a very large number of own apps that are only available to those who have purchased a Windows Phone by Nokia. Several of them have camera focus, but unfortunately, not all available for this phone. Nokia Camera is missing, for example, and is available only for phones with better camera. However, the app Smart Camera that allows you to make pictures with effects when the subject moves; actually quite effectively. Nokia Cinemagraph is another app and as a financial variant of our site is included when you buy a Nokia Mixradio Lumia. This means that you can listen to streaming music in the form of radio stations where you can customize what is played by telling us which songs and artists you like. Pay a monthly fee and you will get more opportunities to skip songs and save the music for offline listening.

The camera keeps unfortunately not at all the class that we have learned to expect from Nokia. Pictures of food does not at all delicacies of Justice, but it is not surprising that the phone have weak points. I get to some great photos outdoors in good light but it is harder to get to the indoors when lighting is a little worse. When flaws sharpness and color fidelity all that often.

If I return to apputbudet’s Nokia’s own map services are integrated and their main quality is that you can download map information offline, which means that they can be used abroad without using data connection. There, you have the potential to save a lot of money. In Sweden is probably Google Maps which, however, does not exist for Windows Phone a sharper choice mainly due to better supply of places to search for, i.e. hotels, restaurants and other businesses you might have as a destination.

The maps stand out clearly on the screen, but otherwise is just the screen size to spite or just because the phone’s biggest weakness. Even though the screen is 4.7 inch resolution is still low, and it means that not even the simple icons on the home screen are quite sharp. Worse still, it will be in the browser, especially when you’ll read all text other than the slightly larger headings.

Plastic is the material of the shell to the phone and the shell, I struggled for ages to get loose, especially because I did not until I am near giving up looking in the manual and see how you really should open the phone. A grip in the usb connector at the bottom turns out to be the right way and at the same time, probably the only way without destroying your phone. The shell, you can remove and replace with one of a different color if you want. But to feel direct luxury phone is in any case well made and does not give or creaking when you squeeze it. The look is a bit sporty and the plastic of the shell has a spectacular property when you hold the phone in the light. Because the plastic inside through some light it looks almost like the edges of the lights and the bright colors Nokia delivers the phone in to be even sharper.

However, 4 g of Lumia 625 is one of relatively few benefits in addition to the price tag. 4 g is good especially if you want to use your phone as a modem to connect your computer. As a phone, though, it is a pity that despite the large screen Lumia 625 fail to fill out the suit.